389,250 + 375,000 = 764,250

8 pm Israel time, Friday, January 2 2015

72 Days Until The Election


***The Palestinians have submitted membership applications and documents to 18 different international institutions in the wake of their failure in the U.N. Security Council. One of those “institutions” is the Treaty of Rome which being a signatory to enables a country (or entity in the case of the Palestinians) to join the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Interestingly, U.S. law is very specific on fact that if, after joining the International Criminal Court, the Palestinians attempt to initiate a case against Israel for any reason, all U.S. funding to the Palestinians will be halted no matter what President Obama thinks.

***Put these two incidents in the category of the United States sticking its nose into areas of internal Israeli affairs:

–>This afternoon, 2 vehicles belonging to the U.S. Consulate arrived in the area of Turmusayya in Samaria where several thousand olive seedlings were uprooted two days ago by a person or persons unknown (though, as always, “extreme right-wing settlers” have been blamed).

Why did the U.S. officials come? Because the Palestinians “invited” them to come and see the “destruction.” Never mind that every other “price tag” incident in recent months has been carried out by Palestinians who disguise themselves as Israelis–such as the “racist” Hebrew graffiti written on the mosque in November that was actually written by a Palestinian.

What was the reaction of nearby Jewish community members to the American “visit”? They shouted insults and threw stones at the vehicles–which left in short order.

–>Last week, the Israeli comptroller announced his intention to break up the oil and gas monopolies in Israel. Of particular interest are the oil and gas wells off the coast which are in the control of a very few companies.

Those companies have agreements to sell some of the oil and gas to the Egyptians and Jordanians.

Upon discovering the Israel government intent to break up the monopolies, who should appear on the scene except John Kerry. The U.S. Secretary of State immediately contacted various Israeli officials to argue against the break-up saying that it would endanger regional peace efforts.

Maybe the next time the price of cottage cheese and hummus rises in Israel, the Americans can intervene.



Some rather remarkable population numbers were published yesterday by the Israel Interior Ministry.

389,250 Jews now live in Area C of Judea and Samaria (note the above map)–the ancestral home of the Jews.

375,000 Jews now live in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem such as French Hill, Sanhedria, the Mount of Olives, and Mt. Scopus.

This means that 764,250 Jews now live in areas on the other side of the 1949 Armistice Lines.

Let that number sink in for a moment.


This is the number of Jews that the Palestinians and the international community think must be ethnically cleansed to make way for a Palestinian state.

This thought is insane.

But back to the 389,250 Jews now living in Area C of Judea and Samaria. Do you remember just a few years ago when the number was only 360,000? It is simply amazing that in the face of a virtual freeze on construction imposed by PM Netanyahu that the population has continued to grow.










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