Money for Judea and Samaria: A Tiny Step Forward

13 Sivan 5776

Sunday, June 19 2016


UPDATES 7 pm Israel time:

…Palestinian terror yesterday…

Palestinian terrorists using Molotov firebombs tried to ignite the security fences at Psagot and Kochav Yaakov; others throwing Molotovs attacked IDF soldiers in Negohot and the military post at Beit Jala.

“Rock” attacks occurred at Ofer, Migdalot, and at the Benjamin Gate near Mt. Scopus. In the latter incident a young boy was wounded and had to be taken to Hadassah Hospital. 

…Coming soon to your country?…

The Israeli government approved a proposal today that provides an exemption to citizens 80 years old or older.

An exemption for what?

An exemption for standing in line.

That’s right. Citizens in that age group will now be given priority positions so that they do not have to stand in line waiting to be seen by a clerk.

…Speaking of new laws…

Beginning in January 2017, plastic bags will no longer be distributed for free at supermarkets and elsewhere. Obviously, the reason for the law is that Israel is awash in plastic bags that litter the landscape; nearly 2,000,000,000 are given out each year to Israeli consumers.

However, bags will still be available for 10 agurot (about 3 cents) so the law is not likely to have an impact.


The left-wing Israeli press is calling it a “massive government giveaway”. In reality, it is anything but.

This morning the Netanyahu government approved a 72 million shekel investment package for Area C of Judea and Samaria. While this may seem “massive”, it is in fact only about $18.6 million dollars, a mere drop in the overall Israeli budget.

What is the money for?

A cursory overview:

*15 million shekels ($3.88 million dollars) will be given to local councils to improve the security situation in their communities. When you stop and think that there are more than 120 Jewish communities in Area C, you begin to see how paltry this amount is.

We are talking 125,000 shekels or $32,383 on average per communty. In an Area C which experiences rampant Palestinian terrorism, this is a pitifully small amount of money.

*12 million shekels, spread over 3 years, will be spent to bolster social and psychological assistance. Again, in an Area C in which thousands of men, women, and children suffer from PTSD from endless terror attacks, this is an almost absurdly small amount of money.

*10 million shekels will be given to the Ministry of Agriculture to convert temporary buildings (read “trailers”) and renovate existing public structures in order to upgrade their security.

*6 million shekels are designated for the Ministry of Social Affairs.

*6 million shekels will go to the Education Ministry to “provide social care to youth who live with security risks.” When you consider that there are more than 200,000 such children in Area C in that situation, you sense again how paltry this amount is.

*2 million shekels will go to “support for elderly citizens, the promotion of social engagement among young people for the community, the promotion of volunteer work, female empowerment”*. Again, this is an absurdly small amount of money.

Finally, the government agreed to subsidize 20% of the cost of building new hotels to attract tourists to the area.

In sum, the government decision this morning was a tiny step in the right direction, but at least, it was a step.

*Note: israelstreet gratefully acknowledges ynet for some of the elements of today’s blog.


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