The B’Tselemization of the IDF

28 Tammuz 5776

Thursday, August 4 2016


UPDATES 9 am Israel time:

…Palestinian terror yesterday unreported in the mainstream media…

Terrorists rioted throughout Judea and Samaria attacking security forces with Molotov firebombs and “rocks” at Lahagila, Rachel’s Tomb, Tur, Silwan, Bethany, and a myriad of other places.

Terrorists throwing IEDs wounded an IDF soldier at a checkpoint outside Beit El.

“Rock” attacks occurred in too many places to mention.

All told, there were more than 25 terror attacks.

…IDF reservists open campaign against the Ha’aretz newspaper…

In an unprecedented move, IDF reservists are–at this moment–at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station and Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem handing out the following flyer:


This flyer is a collection of anti-Israel articles that have appeared in the newspaper in recent months castigating our country and our soldiers. Some of the articles read “Israel is Evil”, “Israeli Nazism”, and “Child Killers.” At the bottom of the flyer is the sentence: ” The words speak for themselves.”

And so they do. Ha’aretz has become nothing but a tool of BDS and all of the other Israeli delegitimizers around the globe.

…Outrageously, the Civil Administration is cutting down trees…

A row of tree stumps in the Gush Etzion forest this morning--courtesy of the Israel Civil Administration.

A row of tree stumps in the Gush Etzion forest this morning–courtesy of the Israel Civil Administration.

Just when you think you have heard everything, we find out this morning that the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria has been out chopping down trees in the Gush Etzion forest.

Why? In its own absurd words, the Civil Adminstration says that the idea is to “stop Palestinian terrorists from burning them down.”

Take a moment to absorb this.

Israel is destroying a forest so that the Palestinians won’t burn it down.


Your humble servant suggests that you click on the following link to sign a petition to stop the ongoing destruction of the forest (click here).


The chopping down of the forest is almost as unbelievable as the uproar in the IDF and leftist media yesterday concerning an incident that occurred in Hevron two days ago. Once again, it is uproar being generated by a video produced by B’Tselem–the same abominable group that produced the heavily doctored video that is the source of the trial of the Hevron soldier.

Before we watch the video, let’s describe the context:

1. The area which you will be looking at is the area that leads to the Jewish entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron.

2. This is a “Jewish only” area for 2 reasons:

–Palestinian Muslims will not permit Jews to enter the same entrance as Muslims.

–Palestinian attacks in the area have resulted in numerous Israeli deaths over the years–most recently that of Genady Kaufman, a beloved member of  the Kiryat Arba community.

3. No non-Jews are permitted in the area–no Palestinian adults and no Palestinian children. Why no children you may ask? Because Palestinian terrorists regularly use children to probe Israeli defenses.

4. Moreover, children are also used to make “provocation videos” (remember the 3 year old with the Palestinian flag earlier this week?). More than likely, judging from the fact that a B’Tselem videographer just happened to be there to film the episode, it was B’Tselem who arranged the incident.

Now take a minute and watch B’Tselem’s video.

What did you see?

1. A border policeman stopped the girl from riding her bicycle in the area.

2. He put his foot on the bicycle so she could not pick it up and continue riding.

3. At no time did he touch her, threaten her, or do anything else.

4. Another soldier approached from one side, and apparently the sister or brother or friend of the girl approached from the other.

5. The girl started screaming and ran to the person she knew.

6. One of the Border policeman put the bicycle into the bushes beside the walkway.

So what was the result of this supposedly “horrific video documenting the abuse of Palestinian children”?

The border policeman has been suspended from duty pending an investigation.

Can you even believe this? Can you believe how the IDF General Command is terrified of B’Tselem? Can you believe how the IDF Command will do anything to be politically correct?

The reaction to the video is a pathetic indictment of the IDF Command and further evidence, as if we needed it, of the B’Tselemization of the IDF.


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