The Security Cabinet Farce Continues: “Don’t Blame Me!”

7 Av 5777

30 July 2017

The News on the Israeli Street

Quote of the Day:

“If Moshe Dayan gave the Wakf the keys to the Temple Mount in 1967, then last week PM Netanyahu gave over sovereignty to the Mount to the Wakf.”

Assaf Fried, Joint Committee of Temple Organizations


Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*An attempted stabbing was thwarted at Yatta when a terrorist was captured by the IDF.

*IEDs were thrown at female worshipers and our soldiers at Rachel’s Tomb.

*Lockdowns occurred in communities from Efrat to Alon Shvut last night as infiltrations of security fences took place. Everyone is on highest alert after the butchery that took place at Halamish.

*”Rock” and Molotov attacks took place against Israeli men, women, and children at Al Bireh, outside of Ramallah, Beituniya, Kiryat Arba and a host of other places.

*Riots continued throughout eastern Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria with attacks on Israeli security forces taking place at Qalandiya, Shuafat, Hevron, Hizma, and numerous other places.

*Overnight, 15 wanted terrorists were arrested in Judea and Samaria.

Palestinian terrorists began a new hunger strike yesterday . . .

However, this one is not what you think.

A new Palestinian hunger strike: who, in this picture, are the released terrorists?

A new Palestinian hunger strike: who, in this picture from Ramallah, are the released terrorists–the women or the men?

These terrorists are ones that have been released from Israeli prison but are upset that they are not receiving the monthly “salaries” they are “owed” by the PLO for the terrorist crimes they committed. 

It appears that to put more money into the pockets of Mahmoud Abbas and his corrupt cronies, payments to terrorists who have left prison have been reduced.

Riots in Yaffo (aka Jaffa) . . .

Talk about the Temple Mount effect.

After seeing Palestinian demonstrations cow authorities, Israeli-Arabs took to the streets of Yaffo yesterday to protest the death of an apparent criminal.

On Friday night, Tel Aviv police responded to reports of gunfire at the port area at which time two suspects fled on their mopeds. A chase ensued during which both suspects were shot. One of them later died at Wolfson Medical Center.

For a time yesterday, Yaffo looked like Judea and Samaria with rioters attacking police and tires burning in the street.

Two major court actions today . . . 

*First, the military court that ludicrously found our Hevron soldier guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of a Palestinian terrorist will rule today on his appeal.

Elor Azariya has now been under some form of confinement (house arrest, restricted to base, etc) for almost 18 months since the incident occurred.

Last month, when he and his unit finished their IDF service, there was a media rush to try to get his fellow soldiers to condemn Elor. To a man, they refused–and continued to express their support.

It was just over two weeks ago when the murder of the Israeli Druze policemen took place at the Lion’s Gate in the Old City and their murderers were subsequently tracked down and killed on the Temple Mount. You may remember that one of those terrorists, who apparently had been shot and lay motionless on the ground, suddenly got up with gun in hand and was shot again. Elor’s attorney attempted afterwards to have this incident inserted in the trial appendix but was refused.

What will happen today? The trial against Elor has been heavily biased against him from the beginning, and the military prosecutors have continued to fight tooth and nail to stop the court from showing any clemency. Your humble servant’s best guess is that the decision will be left in place, but there will be an adjustment in the length of sentence.

It is a fair to say that most Israelis would like to see Elor a free man by nightfall.

*Second, the Israel Supreme Court will hear the never ending case of the egalitarian section at the Western Wall today. 

This case has become so complicated that I doubt that even a battery of lawyers could explain its many convolutions. For example, since the Women of the Wall first brought the case, the Women of the Wall have actually split into two groups–one of which accepts the government compromise and one that doesn’t.

And the one that doesn’t now wants there to be a women’s only section in the egalitarian section.

Last week, when I was in Jerusalem, I went to the egalitarian section just to film what is taking place there. Here is a link to the video I shot.

How close did we come to disaster after the last election?

Who is this man and why should you thank him? Read on to find out.

Who is this man and why should you thank him? Read on to find out.

Very close.

Remember how Netanyahu couldn’t form a coalition and was fighting with Bennett and Lieberman to try to get them to join a coalition?

It was heavily rumored at the time that Netanyahu really wanted Herzog and Livni in the coalition instead of Bennett and Lieberman.  It turns out that the rumors were true and exhaustive negotiations were held between Netanyahu and Herzog.

According to an interview that Herzog gave yesterday which no one is disputing, Netanyahu agreed to freeze all construction in Jewish communities outside the main communities in Judea and Samaria, suspend all Knesset proposals for what Herzog termed “nationalistic anti-democratic” laws, support the Arab peace initiative, and on and on and on. Herzog himself was set to become Foreign Minister.

In the end, according to Herzog, after a detailed agreement was drawn up and ready to be signed, it was Netanyahu advisor Yariv Levin who torpedoed the arrangement by telling Netanyahu that the agreement would tear Likud apart–and that he, Levin, would not support it.

Shortly thereafter, Netanyahu turned in the other direction and enlisted Bennett and Lieberman.

We all have Yariv Levin to thank for saving us from a Herzog-Livni disaster.


Today’s Blog:

The Security Cabinet Farce Continues: “Don’t Blame Me!”

The farce of the Security Cabinet decision to remove the metal detectors and security cameras from the Temple Mount was laid bare for all to see on television last night.

Numerous members of that Cabinet came forward on different shows to say basically the same thing:

“Don’t blame me. I didn’t have any choice. Shin Bet said we had to remove the security devices or there would be violence.”

After this blather came:

“Anybody who blames Shin Bet for a false assessment of the situation is going against our national interest.”

Say what? Suddenly Shin Bet is a sacred cow that cannot be criticized?

By the way, the “anybody” that the Netanyahu apologists are castigating are Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked, and Ze’ev Elkin–the only three who had the courage to try to stop the Security Cabinet insanity as well as Miri Regev who had this to say after her name was smeared by our do-nothing “Defense” Minister Lieberman last night:

“I stand by my position and say categorically that the removal of magnometers and cameras was a wrong decision, both unfortunate and delusional.  The recommendation of the Shin Bet intimidated our political leaders who in turn diminished our deterrent force and Israeli sovereignty over the mountain. 

Having worked closely with the secret security organizations of the State of Israel, I appreciate their work . . . At the same time, they are not immune to criticism, and it is even permissible for a political body [such as the Security Cabinet]not to accept their recommendation . . . It is the duty of the political leadership to consider all factors  and finally to shape policy which may not necessarily align itself with the intelligence and security forces.”

Bravo Miri. Well-said.

If Netanyahu, Lieberman, and Erdan had half of the courage of Bennett, Shaked, Elkin, and Regev, we would be in much better shape today. 




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