Tisha B’Av 5777 in Jerusalem: An Amazing Night (Part 2)

10 Av 5777

2 August 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror yesterday . . .

There have been more than 40 terror incidents reported in the last 24 hours:

*A Palestinian terrorist from Gaza was captured near the southern Gaza border fence early this morning.

*Our security forces were attacked at numerous locations such as at Abu Dis, Deheisheh, Nahalin, Al-Arub, Ma’alot Ha Farah, Route 443 near the Ben Zion interchange, and Beit Elit.

*Men, women, and children were assaulted throughout Judea and Samaria. One of the worst attacks was an attack at Al Khader where Palestinian terrorists hit the windshield of a car with a “rock” causing the driver to lose control and crash.

The smashed windshield of the car hit at Al-Khader.

The smashed windshield of the car hit at Al-Khader.

Actually, the “rock” that hit the windshield was a concrete block. Members of the family in the car were treated for trauma by MADA.

Speaking of Palestinian terrorists . . .

One of the worst is Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the PLO’s executive committee. Not a day passes that Erekat doesn’t accuse Israel of something–yesterday, he accused us of apartheid.

Actually, he didn’t say it–he issued a statement.

That is simply because he can’t. The heavy smoking Erekat is now on oxygen because he suffers from pulmonary fibrosis. But that doesn’t stop the nonstop vitriol spewing from him.

If you can believe this, we found out yesterday that he is waiting in line for a lung transplant in Israel.


Erekat should just rot away.  

Ateret Cohanim strikes again for the good . . .

One of the most important groups that works diligently to establish a Jewish presence in Jerusalem is Ateret Cohanim.

Yesterday, a Jerusalem District Judge ruled that the organization has legally purchased the lease rights to two landmark buildings just inside the Jaffa Gate. Those buildings are the Imperial Hotel and the four-story building next to it on Omar Ben el-Hatab Square.

The Jaffa Gate at left corner of the picture: the Imperial Hotel at the right (picture: streetview GoogleEarth).

The Jaffa Gate at the left of the picture: the Hotel Imperial at the right (picture: streetview GoogleEarth).

The buildings belong to the Greek Patriarchiate which had leased them for 99 years to the current Arab lessees. There are 86 years left on the leases.

Who knows what Ateret Cohanim will do with the buildings, but whatever it is will represent a dramatic change to the Old Jerusalem landscape because the Jaffa Gate is the Gate through which most non-Muslims enter the Old City.

Speaking of the Old City . . .

Want a nice surprise from Google that may not be up much longer?

Click on this link and what do you see on the Temple Mount?

If you said the Jewish Temple, you win a prize.

Suggestions of nuclear appeasement coming from the Trump Administration . . .

Well, not from President Trump himself. Yesterday, in a astounding declaration, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that he and President Trump have “differences of opinion” about the nuclear weapons appeasement agreement with Iran.

Isn’t the Secretary of State supposed to articulate and implement the President’s foreign policy agenda?

Apparently Tillerson doesn’t feel the need to do so.

Speaking of Iran . . .

Despite Israel’s best efforts, the Iranians continue pouring weapons into Lebanon to be used by Hezbollah.

The latest addition to the Hezbollah arsenal is the “Tariq“–an advanced radar system capable of long range identification of aircraft and ground vehicles.

The display panel of the Tariq. One of its advantages is that it is small and portable.

The display panel of the Tariq. One of its advantages is that it is small and portable.


Speaking of sophisticated camera technology . . .

Israel’s Venus satellite was launched yesterday from the European Space Center in French Guinea.

Venus being hauled out to the launch site.

Venus being hauled out to the launch site.

Built at Israel Aerospace Industries, Venus, according to the government, “will orbit the Earth 29 times within 48 hours and send images from space to detect changes in vegetation, soil, beaches, bodies of water and the atmosphere.”

One supposes that Venus might be taking pictures of other things as well.

It is extremely small by satellite standards and “will provide researchers with dozens of pictures each day, each covering about 760 square kilometers. . . Venus is planned to operate in space for 4.5 years, after which it will be diverted to a lower orbit.”

The worst tourists in the world . . .

The South China Morning Post Magazine section yesterday told us what we already knew, that Israelis are among the worst tourists in the world.

The top six, beginning with the worst:  Chinese, British, Germans, Americans, Israelis, and Russians.

Have you ever seen a group of any of the above on tour? If you have, you know that the list is accurate.



Tisha B’Av 5777 in Jerusalem: An Amazing Night (Part 2)

Your humble servant left you yesterday at 11:00 pm on Sunday night, Tisha B’Av in Jerusalem.

The exhilarating march of the Women in Green, to celebrate and emphasize Jewish sovereignty over the entire city, had just begun. My wife and I were with an excited throng of more than 1500 flag-waving Israel supporters from around the world.

As we marched along the north wall of the Old City, surrounded on both sides by hundreds of Jerusalem and Border police as well as IDF units, we saw Arabs on both sides of the road watching in stunned amazement.

After the events of the last two weeks, they were probably asking themselves how could they see a sea of Israeli flags in their midst.

Here is a link to another video as we marched along past Herod’s Gate toward the Rockefeller Museum:

Video 3

From the Rockefeller Museum, we continued down past the Damascus Gate.

Walking along the wall.

Walking along the wall.

Continuing along we came to the northeast corner of the Old City walls and turned right (south) to continue along the east wall toward the Lion’s Gate.

Video 4

We arrived at the Lion’s Gate where we stopped and listened to inspiring speeches from my friend Rabbi Yehuda Glick and many others.

Rabbi Yehuda Glick speaking to the crowd in front of the Lion's Gate (photo: Gerson Ellison).

Rabbi Yehuda Glick speaking to the crowd in front of the Lion’s Gate (photo: Gerson Ellison).

At about 12:30 am, we continued along the eastern wall until we came to the southeastern corner of the walls where we turned right and walked west toward the Dung Gate.

Once there we entered the Kotel Plaza where tens of thousands were praying.

And so ended our amazing night (and early morning) marching with the Women in Green. If you go to their website (click here), you can see hundreds of photos of the march, and if you look closely you will see your humble servant and his wife.

A million thanks to Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover: they organize and lead this incredible march every year. The world needs to know that Israel has sovereignty over Judea, Samaria, and the entire city of Jerusalem–especially the Temple Mount!

Next year, dear reader, you should join us!

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