About That Shin Bet “Assessment” To Remove the Metal Detectors

11 Av 5777

3 August 2017


The News on the Israel Street

The Tisha B’Av Fiasco on Monday at and on the Temple Mount . . .

The mis-coverage of what took place on Tisha B’Av at the Temple Mount knows no bounds. 

All any news outlet wanted to report was that 1,263 Jews were permitted to the Mount between 7:30 am and 11 am on Monday morning. Phrases like “a record for a single day” and “this was perhaps the most Jews on the Mount for Tisha B’Av since the 2nd Temple was destroyed” were read in newspapers and heard on television and radio.

This latter claim was particularly specious since there were numerous times during the last 1,947 years when huge numbers of Jews went to the Mount on Tisha B’Av. For example we know that Jews flocked to the Mount on Tisha B’Av in the years following the Temple’s destruction, during the time of the Roman Emperor Julian in 363 CE, during the time of Saladin (when he actually permitted a synagogue to be built on the Mount), and on and on.

But no, our media would have it that 1,263 Jews on the Temple Mount (10 or 20 at a time during the course of one morning) was a big deal.

What virtually every media outlet glossed over was the fact that unlike Muslims, every Jew who went to the Mount was forced to stand for hours in line.

Jews forced to wait in line to go to the Mount on Monday morning: can you imagine Muslims being forced to wait in line?

Jews forced to wait in line to go to the Mount on Monday morning: can you imagine Muslims being forced to wait in line? Of course not. There is no line for Muslims; they merely walk onto the Mount.

And then we Jews were forced to turn in our IDs to be computer-checked:

Does anyone check Muslim ID cards like this? Why are Jews singled out, in our own country, for such egregious discrimination?

Does anyone check Muslim ID cards like this? Why are Jews singled out, in our own country, for such egregious discrimination?

Oh yes, and then, we Jews had to go through a metal detector.

Only to get to the Mount to be told that we must not go into the courtyard, not go near the Al-Aksa Mosque or the Kepat HaSela–we must stick to a narrow pathway between the Mugrabi Gate entrance and the Chain Gate exit.

And heaven forbid that we not follow the rules.

On Monday morning, six Jewish men did not follow the rules; they wandered out into the courtyard where they were accosted by Arabs and grabbed by the police who took them back over to exit area, wrestled them to the ground, and tasered one of them.

In this grainy photo taken from the video, you can see a policeman with his knee in the back of a Jewish man lying on the ground.

In this grainy photo taken from the video, you can see a policeman with his knee in the back of a Jewish man lying on the ground. What would happen if the police responded in the same way to Palestinians breaking the rules such as by flying PLO and Hamas flags on the Mount as they do everyday? The world would go crazy.

In response to this incident, the Police declared that the men “attacked” the police. However, a video of the entire incident shows that no attack took place.

By Monday evening,  the Jordanian Foreign Minister  was blasting the fact that 1,263 Jews went to the Mount saying that Jordan would protect Al-Aksa against “Judaization.” And he referenced the six Jewish men as “terrorists” because they “burst” into the courtyard.

Think about it: 1,263 Jews on the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av. More than 1,000,000 Muslims on the Temple Mount during Ramadan.

From waiting in line to being tasered, the Jewish experience on the Mount on Monday was not what the media would have you believe.

Netanyahu continues his rehabilitation tour . . .

As you can imagine, PM Netanyahu did not endear himself to any Israelis when he removed the metal detectors–but it is his base of supporters on the “right” who are the most appalled.

It appears that he plans to use construction of Jewish communities and neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria to rehabilitate himself with that base.

After announcing yesterday that more money would be allotted for the new “Amona” community, Netanyahu’s office announced that he will visit Betar Illit this morning to lay the cornerstone for 1000 new homes to be built.

Six miles south of Jerusalem, Beitar Illit is a rapidly growing Judean ultra-orthodox community with more than 50,000 residents. Obviously, it is across the so-called “Green Line.”

Erekat taken off the Israel lung transplant wait list . . .

Yesterday we reported that one of the chief terrorists of the PLO, Saeb Erekat, was incredibly on a lung transplant wait list in Israel.

This morning we can happily report that following that revelation, the Israel Health Ministry has removed his name from the list because he is not a resident of Israel.

How he ever got on the list in the first place is incomprehensible.

Salim Joubran resigns as Supreme Court Judge . . .

At the age of 70, Joubran is retiring from the Court. As the first Israeli Arab Christian to serve on the court (a previous Israeli Arab on the Court, Abdel Rahman Zuabi was a Muslim) he was beloved by Israeli-leftists everywhere.

However from the beginning, his service has been a disaster–often writing minority opinions that sought to undermine the state of Israel.

For example, he attempted to overturn the Knesset Ethics Committee condemnation of Hanin Zoabi following her viciously anti-Israel remarks during the 2014 war with Hamas and her ride in the Turkish fauxtilla attempting to break the Gaza blockade.

He also attempted to overturn the conviction of Sheikh Ra’ed Salah for incitement. Salah has often used his position as head of the northern Islamic movement to provoke disturbances on the Temple Mount and elsewhere.

We could go on and on, but Joubran will perhaps most be remembered for refusing to sing Hatikvah.



About That Shin Bet “Assessment” T0 Remove the Metal Detectors

Every day that passes shows just how idiotic the Shin Bet “assessment” was that led to the removal of the metal detectors from the Muslim-access gates to the Temple Mount.

Remember that assessment? “If we take down the metal detectors, violence will decrease, and the situation will calm down.” Let’s take a few examples from yesterday as an example:

At 10:55 pm last night, Palestinian terrorists tried to burn Israeli motorists alive by throwing Molotov firebombs on their cars on the Gush Etzion-Jerusalem Road near El Khader.

At 10:52 pm last night, Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli motorists with “rocks” on the road between the Tapuach Junction and Migdalot. As we saw yesterday, the purpose of such attacks is to cause drivers to lose control and crash. And as we also saw yesterday, the “rocks” are often concrete blocks. Similar attacks took place earlier at A-Ram, A-Tur, Wadi Joz, Kiryat Arba, on Road 443 near the Ben Zion interchange, and a myriad of other places.

At 10:45 pm last night, Palestinian terrorists attempted to blow up Israeli motorists with IEDs made by putting gas cannisters into burning tires. Fortunately no one was wounded in the explosions.

Note that the above attacks took place in space of 7 minutes, and know that attacks like these took place all day long. 

And they were not the worst.

Early in the afternoon, a Palestinian terrorist from Yatta (beside Hevron) calmly walked into a supermarket in Yavne, took a knife out from under his jacket, and stabbed a supermarket worker numerous times in the neck, chest, and back. As of this hour some 20 hours later, the worker is still fighting for his life at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot after undergoing multiple surgeries. Following the stabbing, supermarket customers surrounded the terrorist and disarmed him. Everyone was afraid to shoot him for fear of being prosecuted (the Azariya effect).

Shortly after the terror at Yavne, a Palestinian terrorist was captured at the Gush Etzion Checkpoint as he attempted to stab soldiers. No Israelis were wounded, but the soldiers were afraid to shoot the terrorist for fear of being prosecuted (the Azariya effect again).

Shortly after the terror at Yavne and Gush Etzion, a Palestinian terrorist tried to run over a Border Policeman at Qalandiya. Details of the attack were not forthcoming as the police suppressed the news.

What else?

How about the convoluted (too convoluted to go into here) story of 5 month pregnant Michal Halimi whose body was found in a forest near Holon.

According to the police press release yesterday, the terrorist from Shechem “met” Halimi on the internet, and eventually lured her to a meeting in Holon where he “choked her, threw stones at her head, [and] covered her body.”

At his arraignment in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court yesterday, the murderer yelled “I wanted to kill Jews! I’m going to kill all the Jews now, one isn’t enough for me.”

Yes, a real decrease in violence. As some predicted, precisely the opposite has happened. By showing impotent weakness, Israelis have emboldened Palestinian terrorists.

Isn’t this what always happens?


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