King Abdullah of Jordan: A Terrorist Supporting Shmuck

15 Av 5777

7 August 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror increases . . .

An increasingly horrific phenomenon in Judea and Samaria has been the targeting of buses carrying children by Palestinian terrorists. Not surprisingly, it is a phenomenon not being reported on at all by the Israeli mainstream media or by the international media.

Yesterday, a one-year-old child was wounded by “rocks” thrown at a bus near Al-Arub near Kerem Tzur in Gush Etzion.

Several days ago, we reported on 10-year-old Shmuel David who was wounded near Shavei Shomron. He remains in the hospital today with internal hemorrhaging in the head.

Shmuel David in the hospital yesterday, a day after the attack (picture: Arutz Sheva).

Shmuel David in the hospital yesterday, a day after the attack (picture: Arutz Sheva).

This is a picture of the “rock” that hit him in the head while he was on the bus:

The "rock".

The “rock”.

But it is not only children who are being wounded everyday. Two of the others wounded yesterday:

*A policeman was wounded in the head by “rocks” thrown by Palestinian terrorists near the entrance to Majles in the Old City.

*An Israeli Jew was beaten by Arabs in the Old City.

Both remain in the hospital this morning.

Follow up from yesterday, the Ari Harow saga . . .

For the second time in two days, Israeli television devoted non-stop coverage to former Netanyahu chief of staff Ari Harow–and how he has signed an agreement for reduced charges (should he ever be charged) in return for information against PM Netanyahu in Cases 1000, and 2000 (see yesterday’s blog).

However, this morning has brought an incredible statement from the police and from Harow himself that he has turned over virtually no incriminating evidence whatsoever. What’s more, Harow declared that he does not believe that PM Netanyahu engaged in any criminal offenses.

But do you think that will stop the media onslaught against Netanyahu?

Of course not.

Closing down Al-Jazeera: it’s about time . . .

Yesterday, the government began to take concrete steps to close down Al-Jazeera in Israel. As we all know, Al-Jazeera is the propaganda media arm of the terrorist-supporting government in Qatar.

We, here in southern Israel, remember how Al-Jazeera stoked violence during the last war with Hamas by continuously sending out fraudulent reports from Gaza. In recent months, it has done the same in reportage about the Temple Mount.

As to those concrete steps, Communications Minister Ayoub Kara:

*asked the Government Press Office to revoke Al-Jazeera reporters’ press cards

*asked cable and satellite television companies to stop broadcasting Al-Jazeera

*asked Defense Minister Lieberman to close the network’s office in Israel

*asked that Al-Jazeera’s broadcasts on open satellites be blocked

But don’t expect Al-Jazeera to go down without a fight. The network has many friends among the extreme leftist Israeli media and among the leftist judges on the Israel Supreme Court.



King Abdullah of Jordan: A Terrorist Supporting Shmuck

How many insults does Israel have to endure from King Abdullah and the Jordanians? Since the beginning of this year alone:

Hardly a month has gone by that the Jordanian legislature of King Abdullah has not voted to abrogate the “peace” treaty with Israel. 

Hardly a month has gone by that the Jordanian government of King Abdullah has not proposed a resolution in an international body such as UNESCO which has sought to undermine this country.

Hardly a day has gone by in recent weeks that the Jordanian government of King Abdullah has not made wildly provocative accusations about Israel trying to take over the Al-Aksa Mosque.

The list goes on and on.

It was barely three months ago that the barbaric Jordanian murderer of the 7 Israeli schoolgirls was released to loud applause from the Jordanian Parliament of King Abdullah–one of whose members declared that they “deserved to die.” Then we got to watch on television as the murderer stated his intention to kill more Israelis.

And what has been the Israeli response to all of this?

Nothing, nada, zilch.

Except to kowtow some more to King Abdullah and the Jordanians.

However, now the Jordanian government of King Abdullah has declared that the Ambassador and staff of the Israel Embassy in Amman cannot return to Amman unless the Israeli security guard involved in the terror incident (in which he killed his attacker after being stabbed in the chest, and accidentally killed another Jordanian as well), is returned to Amman for questioning.

And now . . . unbelievably . . . for the first time, Israel has at least a tepid response.

All those with a Jordanian passport (mostly Palestinians) seeking to get permission to enter Israel are being temporarily denied. 

Meanwhile King Abdullah is arriving in Ramallah this morning to express solidarity with the Palestinians. We will be treated to a victory celebration over recent events on the Temple Mount with Abdullah being hailed as a hero.

Some hero. Abdullah is nothing more than a terrorist-supporting shmuck. 



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