A Cup of Tea for Her Dying Father

16 Av 5777

8 August 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror continues unabated . . .

“Rock” and Molotov attacks occurred throughout the day and night throughout Judea, Samaria, Binyamin, and eastern Jerusalem.

Israelis were assaulted by Palestinian terrorists at such places as Auja in the Jordan Valley, Hizma in Binyamin, and Beit Ur A-Tahta in Samaria. Other attacks occurred at Silwan, Atarot, Wadi Goz, between Ariel and the Giti Avisar Junction, and Tekoa.

All told, there were 32 reported Palestinian terror attacks yesterday–reported by the people who were attacked, not by the mainstream media. The reports come in on a network hotline called Rescue: Judea and Samaria.

Speaking of terrorists . . .

This notice appeared online yesterday, courtesy of The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel:

ummterrAs you can see, it refers to the case of Alaa Zayoud, the terrorist from Umm al Fahm who ran over an Israeli soldier last year critically wounding him–and then tried to jump out of the car and stab others. 

Alaa Zayoud, an Arab-Israeli who self identifies as a Palestinian, had his Israeli citizenship stripped yesterday. 

Note how neither of these organizations, both of which are financially supported by the New Israel Fund, say one word about Zayoud’s terrorism. Instead they turn him into the victim . . . the poor Zayoud “will be left stateless.”

Maybe he should have thought about that before he tried to murder Israelis.

The continuing effort to destroy Netanyahu . . .

Two days ago, I wrote this:

Beginning a few years ago, the Police and the Left pooled their resources and began an all-out campaign to bring Netanyahu down.

Yesterday this truth was brought into sharp relief.

If you can believe this, the Israel Supreme Court–a key component of the Israel “Left”–ruled in favor of petition of so-called “journalist” Raviv Drucker of Channel 10. That petition sought to have Netanyahu reveal the dates of conversations he had with Sheldon Adelson, the owner of Israel Hayom.

All Drucker has done for years is try to uncover dirt on the Netanyahus. It is literally his pathetic raison d’etre.

The Adelson conversations all relate to Case 2000 that the police are trying to make against Netanyahu.

The police, the media, and the judiciary–have all shifted into high gear to bring Netanyahu down and accomplish something that they could not do through the ballot box.

From the sublime to the ridiculous . . .

Everyone who lives in Israel for any time at all becomes aware of the absurdly high cost of living. Just how absurd was shown in an OECD report yesterday that said that Israelis pay far more for items than people in other developed countries. How much more?

*29% more to eat in restaurants and stay in hotels

*30% more for gasoline and other transportation costs

*52% more for electrical appliances and cars

To tell you the truth, the above statistics do not come close to telling the story.

This Honda costs more than twice as much in Israel than in the U.S.

This Honda costs more than twice as much in Israel than in the U.S.

For example, your humble servant bought a Honda CRV in California last year. The out-the-door cost was $24,000. The same car in Israel costs 195,000 shekels-around $55,000 dollars.


Today’s Blog:

A Cup of Tea for Her Dying Father

The new talk all day yesterday and the subject of nonstop television coverage last night was not about Benjamin Netanyahu but about the “apparent” story that Sara Netanyahu is about to be indicted.

Let’s review her supposed “crimes”:

*employing an electrician to do private work at the Prime Minister’s residence and having the State pay for it

*employing a worker for the Prime Minister’s residence who was in reality a caretaker for her ailing father

*purchasing garden furniture for the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem and then moving it to the private Netanyahu residence in Caesarea

*purchasing take out pizza and other food items for consumption at the Prime Minister’s home at State expense instead of using the cook assigned to the residence

In response to these charges, Netanyahu’s lawyer Yossi Cohen said this yesterday:

“If the reports of an indictment are true, they are absurd accusations. How far will the persecution of the Netanyahu family go? To the cup of tea the housemaid served Mrs. Netanyahu’s 97-year-old father, who lived in her home while on his deathbed?”

Believe your humble servant when he says that if the Israeli media found out that Sara Netanyahu had gone to her kitchen and taken a teabag that was paid for by the food budget provided by the state of Israel for the Netanyahu family, and made a cup of tea with it for her dying father, she would be crucified in the press and hauled in for interrogation by the Police.


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