Let’s All Take A Vacation To Bethlehem! (but not for the reason you think)

17 Av 5777

9 August 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror continues unabated . . .

Palestinian terror took many forms yesterday with Palestinian terrorists:

Missiles fired from Gaza (Times of Israel).

Missiles fired from Gaza (Times of Israel).

* . . . firing missiles at the Ashkelon Region. One missile apparently exploded in the sea just off Zikim and another at a construction site in southern Askhelon. No Israelis were physically wounded, but who knows how many were traumatized by the alarms that were heard from here in Ashdod all the way down through Ashkelon to the communities located close to the Gaza Border Fence? 

* . . . throwing IEDs at IDF soldiers. Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem was the scene of yet another attack.

* . . . throwing “rocks” at Israeli motorists. One of the worst attacks was near the Dor Alon Gas Station in Binyamin where a car was badly damaged and its occupants traumatized by the attack.

* . . . throwing Molotov firebombs at Israeli buses. An attempt to incinerate a bus containing Israeli children took place near Karmei Tzur.

* . . . shooting at IDF soldiers. A soldier was wounded by gunfire at Deheishe. He is in “moderate” condition this morning.

The “new” news about Sara Netanyahu’s impending indictment . . .

The never ending torrent of leaks from the Attorney General’s Office continues with the newest one indicating that the impending indictment will focus on 2 charges:

*Sara ordered take-out food to the residence and did not have the in-house chef cook it. This includes items like pizza and vegetarian food.

*Sara inflated the food budget by overestimating the number of diners who would be eating with the family.

Dinners at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem are not merely family affairs.

Dinners at the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem are not merely family affairs (photo: Haaretz).

Three other charges are being deliberated but seem less likely to be included in the charges:

*Sara employed an electrician to do do private work.

*Sara ordered waiters for some of the large meals at state expense.

*Sara employed a caretaker for her dying father at state expense.

One charge has been dropped:

*Sara purchased garden and patio furniture for the official residence in Jerusalem which was then moved to the private residence in Caesarea.

So now we are down to pizza and vegetarian food which were ordered for her two teenaged sons, and overestimating how many folks were showing up for dinner (there is a continual parade showing up at the Netanyahu’s dining table).


Also unbelievable . . . the Yoelish Kraus story continues . . .

As you surely do not know, President Rivlin recently issued a pardon to Yoelish Kraus, a famed person within the ultra-orthodox community in Mea Shearim.

Kraus was found guilty of tax evasion for running an unreported abbatoir. He and his wife Rachel have 16 children, and Rivlin issued the pardon on the basis of family hardship–Rachel is about to give birth to child number 17.

Some hardship.

Yesterday, Rachel was photographed coming out of a door in Mea Shearim waving a PLO flag:

That's Rachel on the far left. Almost all of the younger women behind her are her daughers.

That’s pregnant Rachel on the left waving a PLO flat with her left hand. Almost all of the younger women behind her are her daughters.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Kraus, his family, and his sect are all intensively anti-Israeli believing that no Israeli state should ever have been formed before the return of the messiah. But not just anti-Israeli, also stridently pro-Palestinian.

Interesting rulings yesterday . . .

The Supreme Court denied Hevron soldier Elor Azariya’s appeal to delay the start of this sentence until his appeal of that sentence is heard.  Such a delay is standard operating procedure (some have waited years until appeals were heard), but not for Azariya who begins serving his sentence today.

The High Court ruled that restrictions placed on a housing project in Afula were discriminating against Arabs who were bidding for apartments. In overruling a lower court order, the Court also ordered the defendants pay court costs of  67,000 shekels to the Arab petitioners.

Meanwhile, the Cable and Satellite Council today fined Channel 20, 100,800 shekels, because it was not including information about Reform Judaism in its programming about Israel’s heritage. What information there is to include is anyone’s guess. 



Let’s All Take A Vacation To Bethlehem!

(but not for the reason you think)


Amidst reports that Syria is experiencing a tourist resurgence now that most of the country has been destroyed comes “news” from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) that “Palestine” ranks number 1 so far this year in terms of percentage increase of tourists.

The UN World Tourist Organization? Your humble servant bets you never heard of that one.

In any case, we are supposed to believe that “Palestine” has experienced a 57.8% increase in international tourism. One of the most desired destinations is Bethlehem but not for the religious reasons you think of.

The Banksy “Walled Off” Hotel, named for the anonymous British graffiti “artist” renowned for painting anti-Israel slogans on the separation fence, is now pulling in tourists by the busloads.

The Walled Off Hotel, catering to high-end leftists from all over the world.

The Walled Off Hotel, catering to high-end leftists from all over the world.

According to the hotel, it offers “a unique combination of hospitality, protest, and art.”

How about a cup of tea and bowl of fruit while sitting in your room watching Palestinians attacking Israeli soldiers?

How about a cup of tea and bowl of fruit while sitting in your room watching Palestinians attacking Israeli soldiers?

If the Hotel occupants are lucky, they can even witness Molotov or IED attacks on female Jewish worshipers and IDF troops at nearby Rachel’s Tomb–and perhaps even participate in such attacks.

They might even be lucky enough to see an Israeli get killed.

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