When Will They Interrogate Our Dog Kaya?

18 Av 5777

10 August 2017


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terrorists run amok . . .

Not much happened yesterday unless you count:

*the Palestinian terrorist on his way to a stabbing attack who was captured at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron

*the Palestinian terrorists who threw two Molotov firebombs at a car near the Ariel Junction

*Palestinian “rock” and Molotov attacks near Tzfat, Ramallah, Shechem, the Abud Bypass, and at some 25 other locations.

Indeed, not much happened except about 30 Palestinian terror attacks.

The Democrats come to town . . .

A delegation of 18 US Congresspeople of the Democratic party have been in Israel for the last week led by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

Yesterday, in claiming that Democratic support for Israel in Congress has not eroded, Congressman Hoyer made a few comments that left your humble servant shaking his head in disbelief:

“When you have votes about Israel’s security and safety, they are overwhelmingly bipartisan, overwhelmingly.”

What a joke.

Let’s begin back in March 2015.

Who was it that tried to stop Netanyahu from speaking in Congress on the subject of Israel’s security from Iranian nuclear weapons? And even had many of its members boycott the speech?

The Democrat Party.

Who was it that overwhelming voted to pass the “Democrat Party Iranian Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Deal”?

The Democrat Party.

Who was it that supported Obama’s final insult to Israel (the infamous ‘abstention’) in the Security Council of the United Nations?

The Democrat Party.

And all of this is not even to mention the decidedly anti-Israel planks that many Democrats fought to get into the Democrat Party platform in 2016.

And on and on.

Yes, we are always happy to have Democrat Party supporters of Israel here, but to claim that Democrat party support for Israel has not dropped dramatically is ridiculous.

Congratulations to our young mathematicians . . .

331 students from 71 leading universities around the world recently competed in Bulgaria at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Some of the most prestigious universities were represented from Germany, Russia, Spain, and England (Cambridge University).

Omri Solan and Liam Hanani (Tel Aviv University), Nitzan Tor (Technion) and Noam Tal-Shema (Open University) all won individual gold medals. 



Today’s Blog:

When Will They Interrogate Our Dog Kaya?


Netanyahu in front of an adoring crowd last night (picture: Kimchi Ynet).

Netanyahu in front of an adoring crowd last night (picture: Kimchi Ynet).

More than 3000 boisterous, flag waving, sign carrying Likud members gathered last night to show their support for PM Netanyahu and his wife Sara. 

The signs read: (picture: Times of Israel).

The sign on the left which is directed toward the media reads “We are tired of you.” Other anti-media signs in the crowd read: “Not fake news, f***ing news.”
(Picture: Times of Israel).

Your humble servant mainly watched the event on Israel television Channel 2 which was indicative of the television coverage.

To begin with, the Channel 2 reporter who was stationed outside the venue at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds, gave equal play to a tiny group of protesters and to Netanyahu supporters even though the supporters outnumbered the protesters at some ratio approaching 100 to 1. It was clearly an attempt to undermine the speech before it began.

However, the coverage then got even more absurd with the main television announcer suggesting that Netanyahu would use the speech to secretly communicate with his friends who are under investigation.

As you may not know, the police have forbidden Netanyahu to have any contact with those they have questioned as part of Cases 1000, 2000, and 3000. The statement on television last night by the broacaster was that Netanyahu would send coded messages to his friends during his speech, and the police were watching carefully so that they could pick up the encrypted messages. The obvious suggestion was that we, who were watching on television, should do the same.

The Likud party faithful in Tel Aviv last night (picture Kimchi Ynet).

The Likud party faithful in Tel Aviv last night (picture Kimchi Ynet).

After this “piece of news”, the speech began, and Netanyahu thanked his cheering supporters:  “I love you. Thank you very much, dear friends, thank you for coming from all parts of the country, it’s very moving. Thank you to my beloved wife, Sara. Over the last few days you have flooded us with support and love the like of which I can’t remember.”

He then began the thrust of his speech:

“[The media and the left] know that they can’t beat us at the ballot box, so they try to bypass democracy and topple us without elections . . .They know that we come out the winners time after time in the elections because we are the ones who have brought Israel to the best position in its history.”

He zeroed in on fake news, and former PM Ehud Barak who is now attacking Netanyahu at every opportunity (Barak has grown a beard):

“The media of the fake News kept feeding us in one huge and uniform chorus, as usual, and we were told that if we did not withdraw from [Judea and Samaria] Israel would become weak and isolated. How did that old man with a new beard put it? He was once prime minister for a short time, not one of the most successful ones. ‘The political tsunami is on its way.’ What tsunami, what isolation, what nonsense, The State of Israel is in an unprecedented political boom.”

Netanyahu continued to blisteringly castigate the media:

“The media has created a fictitious cloud of corruption . . . They managed to bring Shamir down on the grounds that people are fed up with corruption; now they are doing it even more . . . they are even shamefully attacking my wife Sara [who] supports and cares for sick families, Holocaust survivors, children with cancer and lone soldiers. . .”

And more:

“The media and the left are creating endless episodes hoping that something might stick–if not submarines, then cigars, if not 2,000, then 3,000.  Soon they will ask that our dog Kaya be interrogated under caution.”

Well, enough said; you get the idea, dear reader.

It was vintage Netanyahu: articulate, defiant, and inspirational (to his base).

If anyone really thought that Netanyahu was going anywhere soon, they can think again.




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