The “Happy Face” of Palestinian Terrorism

21 Av 5777

13 August 2017


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The “Happy Face” of Palestinian Terrorism

Israelstreet makes it a policy not to give the names of terrorists.

Israelstreet makes it a policy not to give the names of terrorists.

What do you think are the usual emotions of a terrorist?

Anger? Despair? Fear?

Remember the Palestinian terrorist who slaughtered the Salomon family (grandfather and his two adult children) at Halamish on July 21?

The one person who was stabbed viciously in the attack and did not die, mother and grandmother Tova Salomon, described the attack in graphic detail. What she said was that the terrorist laughed as he moved from victim to victim, and laughed loudly as he plunged his knife into her back numerous times.

She said she would never forget that laughter.

Your humble servant was thinking about this yesterday when I read about what took place near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. A religious Jew was walking down the sidewalk on Sultan Suleiman St when he passed a Muslim woman.

Suddenly, she pulled out a knife and began stabbing at him from the side and behind. He tried to run away from her, and she chased him down the street. Then she stabbed another person at a nearby bus stop. The first part of this sequence of events was caught on a security camera (click here).

Eventually she was subdued by a Border Policeman.

But the picture of her in custody was seared into my memory along with Tova Salomon’s description.

Hers is the happy face of Palestinian terrorism.

And why would she be happy?

We can think of a number of reasons, not the least of which are that she was happy at trying to kill a Jew and that she will now be paid a lifetime pension by the PLO (actually of course by the idiotic governments that donate money to the PLO).

How would you describe that smile of hers?

Smug? Smirking? 

Whatever adjective you choose, her vicious act of terrorism is what Israelis have to face everyday. Imagine walking down a sidewalk in your nation’s capital, passing a Muslim woman (or man), and not knowing if you will be suddenly attacked?

That is the reality of Israel.

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