Sheer Madness: The PLO Supplying Textbooks to Israeli Schoolchildren

10 Elul 5777

11 September 2017

The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

There were numerous “rock” attacks during the day including ones at Hizma, Umm Safa, on Route 465 near Deir Nizam, Tekoa, and Hevron. At least two Israelis were hospitalized with wounds.

Ten terrorists from eastern Jerusalem were captured as they were attempting to sell stolen weapons (M16s) and ammunition.

The Iranian axis of terror broadens . . .

We always have known that Iran was supporting Hamas in Gaza with missiles. In fact, a major concern is that in the next war with Palestinians in Gaza, Iranian missiles that have a higher velocity and higher trajectory will not be able to be shot down by the Iron Dome system.

Yesterday, the head of Israel’s Shin Bet security service revealed that Hamas is currently building an outpost in southern Lebanon under the aegis of Iran and Hezbollah.

What happens to Arabs who have contact with Israel?

Two interesting examples yesterday: first, the PLO arrested Mohammed Jaber, a resident of Hevron, because he invited Yehuda Glick to his family’s meal at the end of Eid Al-Adha back on September 3.

That's Glick with the tie and Jaber wearing the blue shirt (photo: Yehuda Glick facebook).

That’s Glick with the tie and Jaber wearing the blue shirt (photo: Yehuda Glick facebook).

Palestinian news sources declared that he had been arrested, but what he is to be charged with hasn’t been decided yet.

Meanwhile up in Lebanon (again), Lebanon’s most quintessential filmmaker Ziad Doueri was arrested at the Beirut airport upon his return to the country after the Venice Film Festival.

His crime? He made a film in Israel, “The Attack”, back in 2013. This morning he is appearing before a military tribunal.

A correction in the case of Sara Netanyahu . . .

We reported here yesterday that the last remaining charge concerns 395,000 shekels of food ordered for the Netanyahu residence over a period of three years, half a decade ago.

Actually, the figure is 359,000 shekels of food (approximately $100,000).

The case will boil down to whether to believe Netanyahu or to believe Mani Naftali, the person who was the House Manager back then in charge of ordering all the food.

PM Netanyahu leaves for Latin America and New York . . .

Actually, he has already left.

His trip will take him to Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico before he goes to New York to address the General Assembly of the United Nations.

It is remarkable at a time in which all of Netanyahu’s foes like to talk about how he has isolated Israel politically, all evidence is to the contrary. It is also remarkable (well, not really) how Netanyahu’s trip is receiving virtually no coverage on Israeli television or in two of Israel’s main newspapers: Yedioth Aharonot and the Jerusalem Post.



Sheer Madness:

The PLO Supplying Textbooks to Israeli Schoolchildren

Just when you think you have seen everything came the story yesterday that the PLO is now supplying Israeli school children with textbooks.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Israeli schoolchildren will be studying out of textbooks supplied by the PLO.

How is this possible you may ask?

Apparently, Nassar Konstantin, the spiritual head of the Russian Orthodox Church and community in Yaffo, asked the PLO for free Christian textbooks for the Russian Orthodox school there.

The PLO, through its “Education Minister”, Sabri Saidam, was all too ready to comply.

Yesterday, Saidam noted that not only is the PLO going to supply the Christian textbooks to the community in Jaffa, it is going to supply Islamic textbooks, “and other textbooks”, to other schools in Israel.

Of course, Saidam did not say other schools in “Israel”–he referred to Israel as “the lands of ’48.”

This is all completely outrageous. Are we now going to have Israeli Christian and Muslim children indoctrinated by anti-Israel PLO propaganda?

Where is our Education Minister Naftali Bennett? Why hasn’t someone stepped up to stop this madness?

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