Evacuation: The IDF’s Ludicrous Plan for Defending Israelis

11 Elul 5777

12 September 2017

The news on the Israel street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Palestinian terrorists struck Israeli motorists and buses in “rock” and Molotov attacks along the Gush Etzion and Hevron Road, at the Binyamin Junction, at Ariel Square, in Umm Safa, and in Hizma to name a few locations.

Palestinian terrorists assaulted IDF and Border Police forces near Tekoa, Abu Dis, Tulkarm, Nur A-Shams, and Hevron.

Where were the police and IDF? . . .

Where were the police and IDF while terrorists were attacking throughout the length and breadth of Judea and Samaria?

They were busy demolishing the fledgling Jewish community at Maoz Esther.

In other words, while we were being attacked by Palestinian terrorists, the police and army were destroying a Jewish community.


It is an absurd cycle that plays itself out every three months or so. The community is demolished; the community is rebuilt; the community is demolished–you get the idea.

A surprising decision from the High Court yesterday . . .

The Court rejected a petition by Reform Jews, Meretz, and the NGO Hiddush that demanded that the government allow public transportation on Shabbat.

What the three groups were attempting to do was to overturn a long honored status quo agreement which holds that buses and trains cannot operate from sundown Friday night until sundown Saturday–except in the case of carrying soldiers to their bases.

Given the “progressive” stance of the Court, yesterday’s ruling came as something of a shock.

A good shock in your humble servant’s opinion. This is a Jewish country, and one of the facts that makes it unique is the observance of Shabbat.

By the way, what organization do you think is a major financial supporter of Hiddush?

If you guessed the New Israel Fund you would be correct.

Speaking of the New Israel Fund . . .

Your humble servant has often criticized the New Israel Fund for supporting a wide range of organizations which seek to undermine the goverment and the traditional status quo here.

Yesterday, we had a telling exchange on Twitter. Talia Sasson, who heads the New Israel Fund, was responding to a twitter from Israel’s ultra-left newspaper, Ha’aretz.

Ha’aretz posed the question: “Is Israel an evil state, or is Israel just engaged in ethnic cleansing?

Sasson succintly responded: “Israel is both.”

Both an evil state and an ethnic cleanser.

And the New Israel Fund wonders why it is despised?

“Great” news from Egypt! . . .

Speaking in South Korea yesterday, the Egyptian Defense Minister announced that Egypt has cut all ties with North Korea.

Say what? You didn’t realize that the Egyptians and North Koreans were working together? According to the Defense Minister, the two countries had been collaborating on the construction of nuclear power plants, and the development of ballistic missiles.

Ballistic missiles to hit whom?

Anyway, the new news is that Egypt now wants South Korean expertise to build warships.

Warships to attack whom?



Today’s Blog:

Evacuation: The IDF’s Ludicrous Plan for Defending Israelis 

Which way should Israelis evacuate? Apparently in every direction.

Which way should Israelis evacuate? Apparently in every direction.The IDF General Command has revealed its new strategy for waging the next war with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Are we finally going to obliterate the terrorists?


The new strategy is that we will fight a long, protracted war which will necessitate the evacuation of all Israeli border communities and cities.

Yes, you read that correctly. Cities like Sderot will be completely evacuated.

Of course, this is not exactly a ringing endorsement of IDF ability.

But wait. There’s more.

In the same breath, the IDF spokesman announced that should war break out in the north with Hezbollah, all communities and cities in the north will be evacuated too, specifically Kiryat Shmona, Metulla and a host of kibbutzim and moshavim.

So, in the likely event Israel gets hit from both sides, northern and southern Israel will be evacuated.

It is a stinging indictment of our inability to defend our own citizens.

And does anyone see a problem with this scenario? The obvious problem is that evacuating the north and south will not stop Hezbollah and Hamas missiles from raining hell on central Israel.

Where will all the people in central Israel be evacuated to?


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