Netanyahu’s Iranian Mission Has Failed: While the World Talks, Iran Acts.

26 Elul 5777

17 September 2017

The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror over the weekend . . .

An IDF soldier was wounded by “rocks” in Nabi Salah; Palestinian terrorists attacked IDF soldiers in Arak Burin and Dahid al-Barid with “rocks”; an IDF patrol was hit with Molotovs in Ras Al-Amud; an IDF patrol was attacked in the Beit Haggai neighborhood of Hevron.

An Israeli motorist narrowly avoided crashing off the road when his car was hit with “rocks near Beit Ummar; other motorists were attacked near Al Khader, in Gush Etzion, and on Road 443 near Beit Ur a Tahta.

All told, there were more than 35 terror incidents between Friday evening and Sunday morning.

Overnight, eight Palestinian terrorists were captured in Judea and Samaria.


Netanyahu’s Iranian Mission Has Failed:

While the World Talks, Iran Acts.

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu will be in New York again this week talking to the United Nations again. He will be meeting with a number of leaders “on the sidelines” again, and giving numerous press interviews again.

And the subject of his United Nations’ speech, meetings with leaders, and press interviews will be Iran. Again.

Netanyahu has long seen Iran as his personal mission. To his credit, he has seen that Iran alone poses an existential threat to Israel’s eight million citizens. When history is written (and Netanyahu is always thinking about history and his personal place in it), Bibi wants be remembered as the prophet in the wilderness who called the world’s attention to the dangers of Iran and mobilized it to stop the threat.

Unfortunately, that is not what history will say. 

Yes, Netanyahu will be remembered as the prophet correctly crying in the wilderness, but he will not be remembered for mobilizing the world to stop the Iranian threat.

If Netanyahu’s mission has been to stop Iran from developing a nuclear program, to stop Iran from developing ballistic missiles, to stop Iran from exporting terrorism around the world, and to stop Iran from establishing military bases throughout the Middle East, it is a mission that has failed disastrously.

Iran is in an infinitely stronger situation today than it was when Netanyahu first started calling attention to the Iranian threat. One only has to look at Syria to see that Israel’s situation regarding Iran is much worse than it ever has been. 

This morning, in advance of the Trump-Netanyahu sideline meeting, a senior White House official declared that “the United States will not allow Iran to take over control of Syria.” 

It is an absolutely worthless declaration.

In the first place, the U.S. has no say whatsoever in what happens in Syria. In the second place, Iran has already taken control of Syria. 

And so when Bibi speaks at the U.N., the Iranians will be busily planning their next military foray into the region.

The world talks. Iran acts. 

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