A Nauseating Footnote To The Murders At Har Adar

9 Tishrei 5778

29 September 2017




Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, begins tonight at sundown. There will be no israelstreet blog tomorrow; our next blog will appear on Sunday morning. 

We wish all who celebrate the holiday a Tsom Kal (easy fast).

And we say: G’mar Chatima Tovah (May you be inscribed (in the Book of Life) for Good.



The News On the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

In advance of Yom Kippur, Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis across Judea and Samaria and in eastern Jerusalem in more than 30 attacks.

“Rocks”, Molotovs, and IEDs were thrown Israeli motorists and buses near El Khader, Beit Ummar, Karmi Tzur, Hevron, Al Fawwar, the Haparseh Junction, Mevo Dotan, Ras Al-Amud, El Arub, Talmon, Nabi Saleh, Burqa, El Ram, Baidu, Budrus, and Beit Omer to name a few locations.

Terrorist gunfire from Jilazon also hit residential areas of Beit El, and Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount were struck with projectiles when they exited the Mount through the Chain Gate. 

Hamas throws down the gauntlet . . .

Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, held a press conference yesterday in which he said that Hamas had agreed to the terms of an Egyptian-mediated prisoner exchange with Israel.

Try to wrap your mind around this.

In return for giving Israel information about the body parts of our two IDF soldiers who were killed in the war in 2015, and information about the three Israeli-Arabs who voluntarily went to Gaza, Hamas says that it will receive:

*the bodies of 39 Hamas terrorists killed in Israel

*all of the terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit deal in 2010 who have since been rearrested for terror-related offenses

In other words, as usual, Hamas would get live terrorists and dead terrorists, and Israel would get nothing except information. 

And what will happen if Israel refuses to the terms described above?

Sinwar declared that “in 51 minutes I could launch all the missiles I fired during the 51 days of the 2015 war.”

Sinwar went on to say that Hamas will never disarm, and that the purpose of the reconciliation between the PLO and Hamas is “to create a national army.”

The “disabled”* protests thankfully come to an end . . .

A small group of "disabled" blocking a highway near Tel Aviv (picture: Times of Israel).

A small group of “disabled” blocking a highway near Tel Aviv (picture: Times of Israel).

For the last few months, Israel has seen numerous demonstrations by “disabled” people demanding greater monthly living allowances. Given the paltry monthly stipend alotted by the government, the demonstrations were completely justified.

It has been the form of the demonstrations that brought publicity to the cause of the “disabled.” Each day, a group of people in wheelchairs would choose a busy intersection or entrance to a city and park themselves in the middle of the road. Traffic would be tied up for hours.

Last night, an agreement was reached which will vastly improve the financial situation of the 244,000 Israelis who are “disabled.” 4.2 billion shekels will be added to the budget which will have the net effect of nearly doubling the income of individuals (to between 3,800 to 4,500 shekels a month depending on the severity of the disability) by the year 2021.

*”Disabled” is the term used by the protesters.



A Nauseating Footnote to the Murderous Terror at Har Adar


A self-described "humanitarian activist" for Machsom Watch.

Hannah Berg, a self-described “humanitarian activist” for Machsom Watch.

Regular readers of israelstreet may remember that your humble servant traveled in Samaria last year with Machsom Watch, a despicable group of women who supposedly “monitor” Israeli checkpoints while disseminating information designed to demean IDF soldiers manning those checkpoints.

The purpose of my traveling was to discover if Machsom Watch was as vile as they appeared. 

They were.

Now it turns out that three mornings ago, two “activists” from Machsom Watch were at the Har Adar Checkpoint.

According to Border Police witnesses, one of the last things that Sgt. Solomon Gavriya heard before he was barbarically murdered was two of the women, yelling at him that he was a “disgrace” because he asked them to identify themselves.

One of those women has since been identified as Hannah Berg, one of the leaders of Machsom Watch.

Not surprisingly, Berg is denying this morning that she ever yelled at Sgt. Gavriya. But whom do you think is more believable, Berg or a group of Border Policemen?








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