Trump Punts: Iran To Be Decertified

16 Tishrei 5778

6 October 2017


Special Notices:

September was another banner month for israelstreet. We had 283,934 visitors from more than 100 countries around the world. Your humble servant wants to thank each and every one of you dear readers for helping us get the word out about Israel!

Sukkot continues, and we at israelstreet hope you are enjoying time in your sukka with family and friends. The largest sukka in the world this year has been built at Yotvata near Eilat. It is 24 meters long and 21 meters wide.

Look closely at this overhead view. You can see the entrance in the foreground.

Look closely at this overhead view. You can see the entrance in the foreground and some people sitting at one of the tables.


The News on the Israel Street

Good news about Israel! . . .


According to the World Economic Forum, Israel is now 3rd in the world in “innovation” (behind only Switzerland and the U.S.), 7th in the world in “technological readiness”, and 16th in the world in “global competitiveness.”

3rd in the world in innovation. 


Palestinian terror continues unabated . . .

There is no rest for the IDF as it continues to root out terrorists in Judea and Samaria.


*IDF forces captured the Palestinian terrorist who threw an IED at Mevo Dotan a week ago.

*IDF forces captured a Palestinian terrorist armed with a rifle near Shilo.

*IDF forces from the Judea Brigade captured several terrorists and confiscated numerous weapons in Bani Na’im near Kiryat Arba.

*The IDF Tzabar Battalion captured one terrorist along with an M16, Kalashnikov, shotgun, and pistol in a location in Hevron.

Egypt and the Palestinians . . .

For all of the talk about how Egypt is currently facilitating the faux reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, it has no problem acting in its own interest at the same time vis a vis the Palestinians.

Since Wednesday, Egyptian forces have been “deepening the buffer zone” between Gaza and Egypt by another half a kilometer to a width of 1500 meters.

Around 1200 homes are being destroyed and thousands of people are being “relocated” (“displaced”) as Egypt continues creating a dead zone around Gaza in an effort to stop terrorist tunnels coming out of Gaza.

What goes around comes around . . .

Your humble servant had to laugh yesterday when he read that Norway has just been harshly criticized by Amnesty International.

Why was I laughing you may ask? Because Norway delights in using Amnesty “information” to criticize Israel–especially about the treatment of migrants from Sudan and Eritrea that we are trying to return home or send to other countries.

And why did Amnesty criticize Norway? Because Norway has now become the strictest country in Europe in terms of carrying out deportations of Muslim immigrants to other countries, especially Afghanistan.

Another roundup of "migrants" in Norway (picture eastafro).

Another roundup of “migrants” in Norway (picture eastafro).




Trump Punts: Iran To Be Decertified

Based on a Washington Post report yesterday, numerous media outlets are reporting today that President Trump plans to decertify the Democratic Party Iranian Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Agreement next week.

What does this mean exactly?

Every 90 days, the president must state that Iran is in compliance with the Agreement. If he thinks that Iran is not abiding by the Agreement, then he punts the Agreement over to the U.S. Congress for reconsideration.

The Congress can pass new sanctions on Iran, reimpose the old sanctions, or do nothing at all. If the old sanctions are reimposed which is highly unlikely, this would be the first step down a long road of withdrawing from the Agreement. If Congress does nothing, then the Agreement is merely decertified.

It is important to state that U.S. decertification does not mean that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Agreement.

As reported in the New York Times, the U.S. Senator leading the charge against Iran, Tom Cotton, has said that what he wants to see are: “an elimination of ‘sunset clauses,’ under which restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities are phased out in less than 14 years; a strengthening of international inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities; and a curbing the country’s ballistic and cruise-missile programs.”

How Iran could ever be forced to agree to these changes in the Agreement is anyone’s guess.

What this boils down to is President Trump cleverly taking the middle ground. Trump’s base will be satisfied because decertification looks like withdrawal, and Congress will have to figure out where we go from here. Trump is essentially doing nothing except making a public statement against Iran.

All in all, it is a nice job of punting by Trump.




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