Played For Suckers Again: Iran’s New Ballistic Missile Ploy

17 Tishrei 5778

7 October 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror continues unabated . . .

But at least yesterday, we had the IDF on the offensive.

In one operation, the Rotem Battalion went after the “rock” throwers that always come out on Fridays along with Israeli leftists and international “human rights” activists to attack Israeli security forces at Nebi Salah. During the operation, which was conducted with Border Police, five senior terrorists were captured.

In another operation, IDF forces attacked Palestinian terrorists on the Gaza border east of Jabaliya just as they were beginning their usual Friday attack on Israeli soldiers. 4 terrorists were wounded with rubber bullets.

A river of dead . . .

Even though Assad has gained the upper hand in Syria and the Iranians and Russians are ready to claim victory, the ability of the Syrian rebels and IS to inflict heavy casualties on Iran and Hezbollah seems to be oddly unaffected.

As we have reported in recent blogs, Hezbollah was hit with major losses in the past two weeks, but the following collage of photographs published yesterday in Iran indicates that Iran itself is not immune from the Syrian debacle:

Literally, a river of the dead. Who died fighting for what?

Literally, a river of the dead. They died fighting for what? A despotic Syrian regime? No. They died fighting for Iranian control of Syria.

Yet it must be remembered that Iranian General Suleimani has said that he doesn’t mind losing tens of thousands of soldiers in order to ensure an Iranian victory.

A Trump Administration initiative against Hezbollah? . . .

Reports are that the White House is about to announce an offensive against Hezbollah which involves three parts:

*Monetary rewards for capture of the “most wanted” Hezbollah terrorists

*An attempt to piece together a coalition of allies to act against Hezbollah

*An attempt to undermine Hezbollah’s legitimacy in Lebanon

According to the reports, the actions against Hezbollah are part of Trump’s plan to decertify the Iranian Nuclear Appeasement Agreement. As one U.S. official expressed it yesterday: “We want to act against the malicious actions of Iran [and] Hezbollah is a messenger of Tehran. . . . Hezbollah is not only Israel’s problem.” 

In your humble servant’s opinion, this change in the wind blowing from Washington is a huge breath of fresh air. However, it unfortunately comes too late.

Hezbollah is so heavily entrenched in Lebanon that it cannot be rooted out; most American allies do not look at Hezbollah as a terrorist organization (the EU has even suggested that it is a humanitarian group, and all of the Shi’ites in the Middle East are in love with Hezbollah) ; monetary rewards for turning people in have been notoriously ineffective in this neck of the woods (remember how long Osama Bin Laden had a price on his head?).



Played For Suckers Again: Iran’s New Ballistic Missile Ploy

As we all know by now, indications are that President Trump will soon announce in an address to the nation that he is decertifying American involvement in the Appeasement Agreement with Iran. One of the bases of this decertification will be that Iran is not behaving in the spirit of the Agreement. More specifically, Trump will focus on Iran’s race to develop ballistic missiles on which it can deliver nuclear warheads.

In an effort to preempt Trump, we saw Iran’s master propagandists go on the offensive yesterday, and to no one who reads israelstreet’s surprise, the Western media–within the space of 24 hours–bought the latest Iranian horse manure hook, line, and sinker.

Here’s what the media would have us believe:

*During the UN General Assembly meeting last month, Iranian officials suggested to various world leaders that it “could discuss” its ballistic missile program.

This supposed piece of information supposedly came from an unnamed Iranian source.

Does this sound familiar? Do you remember that the Iranians said exactly the same thing about “possibly being able” to discuss their nuclear weapons program–back in 2005?

*In recent weeks, Iran has made “overtures” to Washington about its ballistic missile program. It is making these overtures to Obama bureaucrats who are still working in the government. (In other words, Iran is supposedly making this overtures to people who will believe anything.)

This supposed piece of information supposedly came from an unnamed former US Defense Department official.

But if you remember the Iranian format followed during the nuclear “negotiations”, there was always an element of talking out of both sides of their mouth.

So, as all of the above was being reported yesterday, we had Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi declaring: “Iran has in all bilateral diplomatic meetings, including the recent visit of Zarif to the United Nations, emphasized that its defensive missile program is not negotiable.”

But then we had a “good Iranian” official offering this gem yesterday: “Diplomacy worked well in ending the nuclear stand-off. The dispute over the missile program also can be resolved through talks.”

That is absolutely correct. “Diplomacy” worked well; Iran got everything it wanted and more. Should ballistic missiles become a subject of “diplomacy”, you can be sure that the Iranians will drag out the discussions for years while they further develop their ballistic missile program. 

In the end, the West will cave in and give the Iranians everything they want. After all, the West along with its western media are nothing but suckers.


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