False Alarms, False Missiles, False Explosions: Has The IDF Spokesman No Shame?

18 Tishrei 5778

8 October 2017



False Alarms, False Missiles, False Explosions:

Has The IDF Spokesman No Shame?

Here’s what happened last night.

1. Three red sirens sounded last night between 9:29-9:30. If you have the red siren app on your phone, you also heard them wherever you happen to be in the world. The sirens were for the Chof Ashkelon region south of Ashkelon centered at Yad Mordechai and Netiv Asara.

The above facts are undeniable.

2. Immediately, residents in the area reported hearing an explosion. Then, in quick succession, three more explosions were heard. In fact, the explosions were heard in Ashkelon, and one was heard here in Ashdod by your humble servant. All of this was reported by citizens to the rotter.net hotline.

The above facts are undeniable.

3. By 9:45 pm, more residents reported that the missiles exploded in “open spaces.” One resident reported on Whatsapp there there were casualties.

None of this was confirmed. It was night, and no one could see anything. To this moment (5 am), there has been no confirmation of any one being wounded.

4. By 9:50 pm, the IDF spokesman was issuing a statement that definitively declared that there had been only two missile alarms and that both of them were false.

This was obviously false on both counts.

5. By 10:15 pm, there were reports that the Iron Dome system had been activated back at 9:29 pm, and that two missiles had been successfully intercepted.

This has yet to be confirmed.

6. By 10:20 pm, the IDF spokesman declared that the explosions that residents heard were “false explosions.”

Can you believe this?

Of course, we have reported here on israelstreet on numerous occasions that every time a red siren goes off in southern Israel, the IDF spokesman declares it is a false alarm. The only exceptions are when missiles hit homes and people are wounded.

In fact, in what can only be described as black humor, between 9:29-9:50 last night the rotter.net site was full of residents making guesses as to how long it would take the IDF spokesman to declare that the sirens were a false alarm. As you can see, it took exactly 21 minutes.

But the new phraseology from last night, was “false explosions.” Even we in the south had never heard that canard before.



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