My Favorite Fraudulent Headline Of The Day

18 Cheshvan 5778

7 November 2017


Interesting Quote of the Day:

“. . . the [Jewish] Reform movement is a dangerous movement, both in the past in Germany, in the present in America, and in the future because of what it is plotting in our country of Israel. Judaism does not interest it, but rather a number of human values, to which it tangentially attaches Jewish ideas. Of course, we [Orthodox] are not against a universal human morality or a natural, human nature; however above all, we are the people of Israel. And for this we have given our souls through the ages, knowing that our past is great and even greater is our future . . . The Reform movement attempts to erase Judaism, but we will keep them [Reform Jews], and return them to the fold.”

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the religious Zionist rabbi of Beit El, and the head of Ateret Yerushalayim (which used to be called Ateret Cohanim)


The News on the Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

On some days, it seems like the question should be “where was not attacked yesterday?”

Palestinian terrorists attempted to kill Israelis in more than 30 attacks throughout Judea and Samaria.

Israeli Jews (primarily motorists) were targeted by “rocks” and Molotovs at Psagot, Beit Rima, Givat Asaf, Hizma (Israeli wounded), Silwan, Tulkarm, Hevron, Beit El, Hevron Hills, Kiryat Arba, Beit Jala, north of Benyamin, the Tekoa Junction, Ateret B’Nah, Abu Dis, Sinjil, Pisgat Ze’ev, Ramle, on Road 443 near the Ofer Checkpoint, and at many other places.

Speaking of violence on the roads . . .

As you may not be aware, leaders of the Jewish community movement have been camped out in front of PM Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem for weeks now demanding increased funds to provide security for Israelis living in Judea and Samaria. 

They specifically want new, secure, roads so that they will not be subject to the endless attacks listed on israelstreet everyday–such as those listed above that happened yesterday.

Because their demonstration had been falling on deaf ears, they decided two days ago to embark on a hunger strike.

The dynamic changed yesterday when Adva Biton unexpectedly appeared at a Likud Party meeting. You may remember that Adva was driving the family car on a road in Samaria when she lost control as a result of a “rock” attack back in March of 2013. Her daughter Adele eventually died as a result of injuries received in the crash (she was hit in the head with a rock).

Adva Biton after the car crash that eventually took her daughter's life. She has become a powerful voice for the rights of those living in Judea and Samaria.

Adva Biton after the car crash that eventually took her daughter’s life. She has become a powerful voice for the rights of those living in Judea and Samaria.

Her words to Netanyahu were emotional, blunt, yet civil:

“My name is Adva Biton, mother of Adele Biton. I buried my daughter at age four and eight months. What are you waiting for, the next disaster? We’re driving on roads across Judea and Samaria without proper lighting and without cell reception. Government representatives come to console us. Everyone is showing empathy. You’re all being sincere. But we’re tired of this. We want actual decisions, budgets allocated. The citizens in Judea and Samaria deserve a decision.”

Shortly after Adva spoke, PM Netanyahu announced that he and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon had decided to allocate 200 million shekels immediately to upgrade the road situation in Judea and Samaria.

As we all know from dealing with Netanyahu for a long time, whether Netanyahu will follow through on this promise is highly debatable. He’s great at promising but not delivering.

The unseen war goes on . . .

Following the announcement last week that unbeknownst to the general public the IAF has carried out more than 100 missions in Syria to stop the shipment of Syrian and Iranian arms to Hezbollah comes the announcement this morning that IAF aircraft attacked a number of targets in the Egyptian Sinai last night–in the area near Rafah.

The battle to keep the terrorists at bay on all our borders is largely unrecognized and never ending.

Speaking of keeping terrorists at bay . . .

Part of the fence around the new Eilat airport. As tall as it is, it is certainly not tall enough to thwart a rocket or mortar attack.

Part of the fence around the new Eilat airport. As tall as it is, it is certainly not tall enough to thwart a rocket or mortar attack.

The Ministry of Defense has revealed that more than 30 km of the new barrier between Jordan and Israel have been built.

This work is primarily being done in the area just north of Eilat as Israel scrambles to protect the new Eilat Airport being built near Timna. The picture of the new fence begs the question of exactly how the fence could possibly deter a terrorist rocket attack on the aiport?

Speaking of terrorists, Iran, and Hezbollah . . .

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told CNN last night: “The missile launched from Yemen to Riyadh was an Iranian missile launched by Hezbollah . . . the launching of the missile was a declaration of war by Iran and Lebanon.”

This comes amidst the purge currently being carried out by King Salman’s son and heir against other members of the royal family. In the past 48 hours alone, one prince died in helicopter crash, another prince was killed in a shootout when the police came to arrest him, and yet another prince has fled to Iran for asylum.



My Favorite Fraudulent Headline Of The Day

By now, probably everyone who reads israelstreet knows that the Hillel House at Princeton has canceled a scheduled talk by Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

Here’s my favorite fraudulent headline about the cancellation:

“Under the pressure of Jewish organizations:

a lecture by the Deputy Secretary of State Hotovely was canceled at Princeton”

So why does your humble servant consider this headline a fraud?

Because the organization that led the charge to disinvite Hotovely was the “Alliance of Jewish Progressives”, an organization that is Jewish in word only.  By this I mean, that it has “Jewish” in its name, and a few “Jewishes” in its “About” statement on Facebook, but it is an organization wholly dedicated to the delegitimization of Israel.

Here is its “About” page:

“The Alliance of Jewish Progressives is committed to a vision of social justice and equality and to the idea that all people deserve freedom and the opportunity to forge their own futures. Our own history of oppression compels us to call on individuals, Jewish institutions, and Jewish leaders to discuss the Israeli occupation and all forms of racism and discrimination.”

If this sounds a lot like what Rabbi Aviner described in Today’s Interesting Quote, it should. Remember what he said about Reform Judaism?:Judaism does not interest it, but rather a number of human values, to which it tangentially attaches  Jewish ideas.”

Unfortunately, what we see at Princeton is what we see on or near university campuses all over the United States where pseudo-Jewish groups have become the forefront of the anti-Israel campaign. Who needs the Muslim Students Association or Students for Justice in Palestine when you have Jewish Voice for Peace and the Alliance of Jewish Progressives?

Finally, it goes without saying that all of these “Jewish” groups are an outgrowth of the Jewish Reform movement which is slowly (or not so slowly) throwing Israel under the bus at every conceivable opportunity and in every conceivable venue. 

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