The Amazing “Guatemalan Effect”

8 Tevet 5778

26 December 2017

Funny Quote of the Day

“Hamas is ready to hand over its weapons to the PLO leadership.”

PLO spokesman Nasser al-Kidwa

The joke is that Hamas will never turn over control of its missiles and tunnels to the PLO. To Iran perhaps, but never to the PLO.

Outrageously Idiotic Quote of the Day

“Residents of Gaza should be allowed to enter Israel to work within the framework of a future prisoner exchange. This will improve the security situation.”

Avi Gabbai, head of the Israel Labor (former Zionist Camp) party

Let terrorists come into Israel? A future prisoner exchange? Improve the security situation? Rarely has your humble servant heard such unadulterated nonsense. Gabbai is severely out of touch with the Israeli public, and comments like this one demonstrate why he will never become prime minister.


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Giv’on, Mt. Hevron, Mt. Manoach, Ofra, Binyamin, Funduk, Tapuach, Rojiv, Shechem, Qalqilya, Jayyus, Al Aruv, Sebastia, Marda, Hawara, Hizma, Beit Sira, Na’ama, Anata, Qalandiya, Jenin and tens of other locations: these were places where Palestinian terrorists carried out “rock” and Molotov attacks.

In total, more than 50 attacks were reported. As many as they were, they represent a decline from the more than 200 a day last week.

 The above reports come from Israel residents on the ground as reported to rotter, hakolhayehudi, and Rescue Judea and Samaria.

Norway joins Denmark . . .

Following in the wake of the Danish decision to defund numerous NGOs operating in Israel because those NGOs support the BDS boycott against Israel, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry announced that it is also defunding the same NGOs.

Your humble servant cannot help but express pleasant surprise at these decisions, though he is under no delusion that this reflects a tectonic shift in these countries’ Israel-related policies.

Two new laws on behalf of the ultra-orthodox . . .

Last night, the Knesset passed the Labor and Rest Hours Law which calls on the Labor Minister to take into account the Jewish nature of Israel when permitting exemptions for work on Shabbat.  This law was heavily supported by the ultra-orthodox who are upset over work on railways and other venues on Shabbat.

Next up today is the so-called “Supermarket Law” which will allow the Interior Minister to override local municipal bylaws and require businesses be be closed on Shabbat. Obviously, this is another law stridently supported by the ultra-orthodox. Already, three large Israeli cities led by Rishon Le Zion have announced this morning that they will not follow the law.

A very disturbing trend that could have been predicted . . .

Recent years have seen the increasing Palestinization of the Bedouins of the Negev. That this would happen should have been seen by all because of two reasons.

First, an ever increasing number of Bedouin youth are going to Palestinian colleges in Areas A and B because they are easier to get into and are cheaper. The unfortunate result is that Bedouin youth are beginning to see themselves more as Palestinians than as Israelis.

Second, an increasing number of Bedouin youth are marrying Palestinian women from Gaza and Areas A and B. This is permitted by the Israeli government under the absurd Family Reunification Law. The result of this intermarriage is obvious.

Instead of sitting around and watch this happen, the government should take proactive steps to stop Bedouin matriculation in Areas A and B–and revoke the Family Reunification Law.



The Amazing “Guatemalan Effect”

An iconic picture of volcanic Guatemala. Your humble servant and his wife climbed the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala two years ago (photo Lonely Planet).

An iconic picture of volcanic Guatemala. Your humble servant and his wife climbed the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala two years ago (photo Lonely Planet).

How can such a small country have such a volcanic impact? With a population of only 16.5 million people and land area that ranks it 105th in the world in total size, Guatemala is suddenly the tip of the spear when it comes to recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

Following President Jimmy Morales‘ announcement two days ago that Guatemala will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we suddenly have Honduras and Panama apparently on the cusp of a similar announcement, and we have Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely declaring that 10 more countries are about to follow suit.

And on top of all of this, we have another government spokesman stating that “many more countries” in addition to the ten are in the process of beginning the process of making a move.

The Guatemalan effect has sent the PLO in Ramallah into a frenzy.

Yesterday featured vitriolic rants from all sides of the Palestinian spectrum denouncing the Guatemalan announcement. This one from Palestinian “Foreign Minister” Riyad Al-Maliki was typical: “It’s a shameful and illegal act that goes totally against the wishes of church leaders in Jerusalem.”

Shameful? Illegal? What a joke. Guatemala is boldly leading the way recognizing that Jerusalem is our eternal capital.

Goes totally against the wishes of church leaders in Jerusalem? Of course it does because on the one hand most church leaders are Palestinian, and on the other, religious entities such as the Catholic Church don’t recognize Israeli sovereignty anywhere in Jerusalem.

Al-Maliki added that the Guatemalan decision “violates” the resolution that the General Assembly passed and threw in this for good measure: “The state of Palestine considers this as a flagrant act of hostility against the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and international law. The state of Palestine will act with regional and international partners to oppose this illegal decision.”

A flagrant act of hostility?

Threats, threats, and more threats.

All directed at tiny, brave Guatemala. 

Don’t be surprised if we learn of Palestinian terror attacks targeting Guatemala in coming weeks and months.


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