Portrait of a Palestinian Terrorist Murderer

21 Shevat 5778

6 February 2018



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The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*The Palestinian terrorist who murdered Rabbi Shevach at Havat Gilad last week has been killed. Israel’s intelligence service, Shin Bet, received information at 3 am this morning that the terrorist was in Al-Yamun, a Palestinian settlement west of Jenin.

The counterterrorism unit of the Border Police, Yamam, arrived at the house in which the terrorist was hiding shortly thereafter and ordered him to exit the house. When he refused, the unit fired an anti-tank missile at the house and called in a bulldozer to start tearing the house down. Eventually the terrorist emerged wielding an M-16 and carrying a sack of grenades whereupon he was shot and killed.

*Palestinian terror attacks took place in more than 40 locations yesterday including Hevron, Havat Ma’on, Adam, Migdal Oz, along Route 60, Yabad, Jenin, El Aruv, As’al, Gigi Avisar, Mount Hevron, Deir Abu Mash’al, Um Bitin, Hawara, Hizma, Tekoa, and Silwad.

The funeral of Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal . . .

. . . took place this afternoon. Attended by thousands, Ben Gal was eulogized as a remarkable husband, father, and scholar.

The body of Itamar at the funeral yesterday.

The body of Itamar at the funeral yesterday.

One of the saddest moments came when Ben Gal’s widow met the widow of Rabbi Shevach. Their husbands had been friends in life and now they and their wives are joined in death.

The widow of Rabbi Shevach on left, the widow of Rabbi Ben Gal on right.

Yael Shevach on the left, Miriam Ben Gal on the right.

How can you raise your children to be terrorists?  . . .

“There were 2026 Palestinian martyrs who died fighting Israel in the first intifada and 5050 Palestinian martyrs in the second intifada. What is the combined total of shahids in the two intifadas?”

From a 4th grade math book.

From a 4th grade math book. Note the question at the bottom.

The above is a question taken from a math book used by 4th graders in Palestinian schools.


Portrait of a Palestinian Terrorist Murderer

(Note: Following israelstreet policy, we will not name the terrorist).

Here’s what we know about the 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist murderer who stabbed Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal to death yesterday and remains on the loose today.

1. His father is a Palestinian who lives in Shechem (Nablus); his mother is an Israeli-Arab who was born in Nazareth, but currently lives in Haifa. The couple divorced a number of years ago.

2. As a result of his parentage, the terrorist had an Israeli identity card and a Palestinian identity card.

3. The terrorist spent a considerable time in the Israel welfare system, especially living at homes for young people who are “at risk” such as the Haim House, the Heart Center, and the Shanti House in Tel Aviv.

4. According to a spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare: “We have been trying to help a young man who . . . has received several housing and rehabilitation solutions from the state, but he has chosen to stop the process every time.”

5. While at the Shanti House, the terrorist wrote numerous posts on his Facebook page praising terrorists.

6. He had recently been told that he would have to leave Shanti House if he did not stop visiting Shechem (he was living back and forth, for a few weeks at Shanti and a few weeks in Shechem).

What obvious conclusions can we draw from this portrait?

As we have previously reported on israelstreet, there is an increasing phenomenon of children of “mixed marriages” becoming terrorists. Israeli-Arabs marrying Palestinians is a recipe for terrorism.

The ability of the children to go back and forth between Israel and Palestinian territories A and B of Judea and Samaria by virtue of having two identity cards is a recipe for terrorism.

The inability of the Israel security system to monitor social media posts has once again proven to be a recipe for disastrous terrorism.

While the effort of places like Shanti House to provide at risk youth is laudatory, there must be better communication between these places operated by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare–and the Israel security services.

Finally, of course, none of these observations will help Rabbi Ben Gal or his family.



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