Three Soldiers Murdered: The Police Cover-up Continues

6 Adar 5778

20 February 2018


Hilarious Picture of the Day

The terrified

The terrified Qatari Ambassador to Gaza, Mohammed Al-Emadi being rushed into his car by Hamas security personnel following a press conference at Dar Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The Director of UNRWA operations in Gaza was already safely in the car (picture source: Arab News).

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Of course we all know how Qatar facilitated the last Hamas war with Israel, but in the aftermath of the war, is there any country that has done more for the infantile Palestinians in Gaza than Qatar? Huge housing developments, shipments of food, and .  . . and . . . and. Yesterday, the Qatari Ambassador was in Gaza touting another $9,000,000 in “humanitarian relief aid” which Qatar is giving to medical entities in Gaza.

What was the Palestinian response? Al-Amadi was heckled and pelted with rocks; banners bearing the picture of the Emir of Qatar were ripped apart, and Qatari flags were torn down and burned. According to the protesters, they were angry because the ambassador “refused to address their plight.”


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Beit Rima, Hevron,  British Police Junction, Beit Ummar, Rehelim, the Husan Bypass Road, Kedumim, the Yakir Junction, the road between Adam and Hizma, Turmus, Sinjil, Kiryat Arba, Ateret, the Gush Etzion Road south of El Khader, the Horseshoe Junction, El Aruv, Ofra, Givat Assaf, Levona, Mount Hevron, Al-Fawwar, the Tapuach Junction, Migdalot, Psagot, Luban al-Sharqiya, the Hafsa Junction, Huwara, Tekoa, all along Road 443: all of these places and more were places where Palestinian terrorists tried to kill Israeli children, women, and men with Molotovs, “rocks”, and IEDs.

As reported to hakolhayehudi, Rescue Judea and Samaria, and rotter, there were more than 40 Palestinian terror attacks yesterday.

Further information on the wounded soldiers . . .

The condition of three of the four IDF soldiers wounded on the Gaza border three days ago is worse than has been previously reported.

A spokesman for Soroka Hospital in Beersheva said yesterday that the most critically wounded of the soldiers remains in a life-threatening situation. He continues to be anesthetized in intensive care. Two of the other soldiers, whose conditions were characterized as “moderate”, were hit in their eyes by shrapnel and will require extensive surgeries to regain their sight. 

All of these soldiers need your prayers.

More information on the tunnels . . .

The IDF has destroyed two more tunnels in the aftermath of the attack on the soldiers. The first was between the old Dahaniya airport toward the Kerem Shalom Crossing, the second was between Zeitoun and Israel (see map below):

The map is self-explanatory.

The map is self-explanatory.

According Defense Minister Lieberman, the IDF projects that all tunnels will be destroyed by 2018. Of course, your humble servant finds that projection hard to believe given the extraordinary warren of tunnels have been dug under Gaza.

The liberal case for Gaza . . . lol . . . 

Is there anything more absurd than self-proclaimed “progressives” parading around Western cities in support of Hamas Gaza?

Not only do the Palestinian citizens of Gaza support throwing gay Palestinians off rooftops, but also the continuing subjugation of women. 

Yesterday, it was announced that a women’s channel which had been scheduled to air on Hamas television has been permanently nixed.

Speaking of television channels . . .

The Knesset passed the Channel 20 Law last night. The Law has many different elements–mainly having to do with commercial advertising, but as far as israelstreet is concerned, the main point is that finally there may be some balance in television reporting here.

Channel 20 has a far more conservative stance than Channels 1, 2, and 10, but until now it has been prohibited from running any newscasts.

That will all change in March.

Some more good news . . .

The Ministry of Culture announced yesterday that state funding for the Al-Maidan Theater in Haifa is being eliminated.

Regular readers of this blog might remember that last year, the theater featured a play that glorified the terrorist Walid Daka, the murderer of IDF soldier Moshe Tamam.

A picture of the Tamam family protesting outside the theater last year.

A picture of the Tamam family protesting outside the theater last year.

That play was typical of the fare presented at Al-Maidan.

We can thank Minister of Culture Miri Regev for the action of the government. It is long overdue.

Even more good news . . .

There are numerous underground reports out of Iran this morning that the streets of northern Tehran look like “a war zone” with thousands of protesters in the streets–and three police officers killed.

Apparently the unrest began when several leaders of the Dervish sect (yes, these are of “whirling dervish” renown) were arrested. A sit-in followed outside the police station in which they were being held with several protesters threatening to set themselves on fire. The police then descended on the protesters with batons and tear gas–and the battle ensued.

Some sad news . . .

A picture of Jacko from the Hamat Gader website. The Hebrew reads "parrot show".

A picture of Jacko from the Hamat Gader website. The Hebrew reads “parrot show”.

52-year-old Jacko the Parrot, the star of the parrot show at Hamat Gader died on Saturday. Considered to be “the smartest parrot in the world”, Jacko had just finished the 2:30 pm show, when he suddenly died.



Three Soldiers Murdered: The Police Cover-up Continues


Left to right: Yaakov Yakiban, Ashto Tesbo, Shilo Siman Tov–all murdered in a bulldozer attack on Road 6 in Israel.

Shilo Siman Tov died yesterday in the hospital, the third soldier to die as a result of a terrorist attack on Road Six last Tuesday night. It is a terrorist attack that the Israel Police refuse to call a terrorist attack. 

It is not the first time that the Israel Police have been loathe to call a terrorist attack a terrorist attack. In the last six months, on three separate occasions, the Police have initially labeled a terrorist attack an “accident” only to later decide it was a terror attack.

In this particular situation, the Police story has changed three times already. 

At first, the Police reported that a convoy of military humvees was stopped on the side of Road 6 when a truck driver from eastern Jerusalem plowed into the humvees from behind.

The second story was that the humvees were pulling out onto the road when they were hit by the truck.

The third story was that the humvees were not stopped and were not pulling onto the road; they were “moving slowly” on the highway.

What the humvees were doing is critically important because the truck driver claims that he did not see the humvees–a claim that is demonstrably false.

And about the truck driver.

He is Anwar Abu Zina from A-Tur in eastern Jerusalem–a hotspot of anti-Israel activity. He previously had citations for 115 traffic offenses.


However, of more importance is that the Jewish Voice has discovered that Abu Zina’s Facebook page was covered with “nationalist posts on the Temple Mount.”

There is every reason to believe that Abu Zina deliberately targeted the military convoy–and deliberately killed soldiers.

But guess what?

Abu Zina was released from police custody yesterday.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Released from police custody, despite having 115 citations and despite evidence that the the attack was terrorism. 

Upon his release the police said that they were thinking about charging Abu Zina with manslaughter.

Can you believe any of this?

Your humble servant cannot. 


Yaakov Yakiban, Ashto Tesbo, Shilo Siman Tov

May their memories be forever blessed and may justice be served.



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