The Real Humanitarian Tragedy in Syria Versus The Fake One in Gaza

5 Adar 5778

19 February 2018


Palliwood Picture of The Day:


Oops! Somebody forgot to tell “the dead guy” to not look at the camera when he was pretending to be dead (picture source on photograph).

The above picture from Gaza which was supposed to show someone who was killed in an Israeli airstrike yesterday was captioned “the arrival of the Martyr Ayman Abu Shekha, 17, to Abu Yousef al-Najjar hospital.”

It is just the latest in a long line of fake death pictures “produced” by the Palestinian propaganda department.


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*There were more than 30 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria involving “rocks”, Molotovs, and gunfire. At Migdal Ha’Emek a mother and her daughter were wounded when their bus was attacked by Palestinian terrorists. Both of the women had to be evacuated to Emek Hospital for treatment. 

Overnight, 16 wanted terrorists were captured in and around Bethlehem.

*Southern Israel was hit by missiles and mortars during the evening with explosions heard as far north as your humble servant’s home here in Ashdod. No one was physically wounded, but numerous men, women, and children were treated for trauma.

Here is a picture that was taken yesterday on a train near Sderot when the incoming missile sirens sounded:

Note everyone diving for the aisle--which is what you are told to do if you are on a train that is being targeted.

Note everyone diving for the aisle–which is what you are told to do if you are on a train that is being targeted.

In response to the missile and mortar fire, the IAF carried out more attacks on Hamas’ underground tunnel structures. These attacks were marked by primary and secondary explosions at various locations in Gaza.

Now that the police recommendations on Cases 1000 and 2000 are known . . .

The Israeli media has turned to Case 4000 to allege Netanyahu wrongdoing. We are not going to go into 4000 this morning, except to say that the never ending fraudulent attack on our Prime Minister knows no limit.

It was reported this morning that, thus far, the Israel Police have spent 100,000,000 (one hundred million) shekels investigating the Netanyahus.

One hundred million shekels. Nearly $29 million dollars.

Your humble servant wonders how many cigars and how much champagne that will buy at this week’s police gala to celebrate the recommendations against Netanyahu?



The Real Humanitarian Tragedy in Syria

Versus The Fake One in Gaza

Aleppo, 4 years ago: this is what a real humanitarian crisis looks like.

Aleppo, 4 years ago: this is what a real humanitarian crisis looks like.

The World Bank has published a report on the cost of the Syrian War. Its findings are mind-numbing:

*500,000 civilians have been killed.

*1000 doctors and nurses have been killed.

*400 hospitals and clinics have been destroyed.

*An untold number of kindergartens and elementary schools have been destroyed with the result that children just wander in the streets.

*The country’s electrical supply has decreased by 65%.

*The country’s water supply has decreased by 60%.

*Agricultural production in the country has been reduced by 75%.

*Syrian industry no longer exists.

*Inflation is increasing at a rate of 70% a year.

*The economic cost of the war is $250 billion dollars, in terms of gross domestic product and loss of domestic income.

And the war is not over yet. 

Isn’t it amazing how entities like the United Nations and European Union have completely washed their hands of the real humanitarian tragedy in Syria, and instead wring their hands over the current fake “Palestinian humanitarian tragedy” in Gaza where no civilians have been killed, no doctors and nurses have been killed, no hospitals and schools have been destroyed, electrical and water supplies have remained unchanged during the decade of Hamas rule, agriculture and industry are functioning thanks to Israeli assistance, and on and on.  






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