Four Israeli Startups That Are Saving The World!

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24 March 2018



The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Palestinian terrorists from Gaza infiltrated into southern Israel near Kissufim this afternoon and attempted to destroy the border fence and military equipment. The IDF continues to bring in reinforcements in advance of Hamas’ “million man” assault on the fence next week.

The UNHRC goes berserk again . . .

Five more anti-Israel resolutions were produced yesterday by the UNHCR to add to the hundreds that have gone before.

This time the resolutions ludicrously demanded that Israel immediately turn over the Golan Heights to Syria, withdraw to the 1949 Armistice Lines, halt construction in Area C of Judea and Samaria, and stop “human rights abuses” against the Palestinians.

Furthermore, the Council demanded that governments not sell military military weapons to Israel. After all, everyone knows that Israeli Jews have no right to defend themselves (pardon the cynicism).

PM Netanyahu suggested that the United Nations Human Rights Council change its name to the “Council for Decisions against the Only Democracy in the Middle East.” Another politician proposed the name “The Terrorists’ Rights Council.”

Israeli farmers give away tons of food . . .

Instead of destroying them.

In a protest against an absurd policy of importing food from Gaza, Israeli farmers have called on all Israelis to come to their fields and get as much produce as they want.

Not only is the government allowing contaminated food in (Gaza crops are watered by sewage), but also it is allowing the food to be sold at a much lower price than that charged by Israeli farmers.



Four Israeli Startups That Are Saving The World!

It never ceases to amaze your humble servant how amidst all the turmoil in Israel and the threats facing Israel on every border, Israel continues to explode in creativity.

And how Israel continues to save the world in spite of all the venom we face every minute of everyday. 

“Save the world” might be an exaggeration, but here are four Israeli startups–four among thousands–that are changing the world for the better.*

 1. UBQ

The landfill beside the UBQ facility in the Negev.

The landfill beside the UBQ facility in the Negev.

UBQ says that it can convert the garbage in landfills to “bio-plastic” and is currently operating a small plant and research facility in the Negev Desert where it is doing precisely that–at the rate of one ton of garbage per hour.

Can you imagine a world without landfills? According to the executive chairman, Albert Douer: “We take something that is not only not useful, but that creates a lot of damage to our planet, and we’re able to turn it into the things we use every day.” UBQ’s bio-plastic is a substitute for petrochemical plastics and wood and thus reduces oil use and deforestation.

2. BrainQ

Using a headset that generates electromagnetic fields, paralyzed patients can move their limbs again. Sound too good to be true? BrainQ is already in clinical trials in Israel; four months ago it was chosen as Google’s Artificial Intelligence accelerator project.

Treatments–which stimulate the patient’s central nervous system–last around half an hour, and the number of treatments depends on the degree of paralysis experienced by the patient.

3. Soapy

Using water created from air by solar power and discrete amounts of soap, Soapy has created hygiene stations that can be used in developing countries to reduce such causes of death as diarrhea and respiratory infections.

Sound remarkable? It is–and it is already in use throughout India. The picture below is a Soapy Station in Bagepalli, India:

Water from air and soap combine to fight disease.

Water from air and soap combine to fight disease.

4. Edgybees’ First Response app

This app “orients rescuers in confusing environments and helps them track rapidly evolving circumstances. Patent-pending algorithms collect real-time data from fast-moving cameras mounted on drones, cars or body-worn accessories, enabling three-dimensional elements such as street maps, power lines, infrastructure and distress signals to be layered over live video.”*

This sounds almost too complicated to be used, but in fact it is already being used by firefighters, police, and disaster-relief personnel throughout the United States.

*With thanks to Israel21c and Ynet for elements of these snippets.

We could go on and on, but everywhere you look, Israeli startups are indeed saving the world!

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