The Iron Dome Fiasco Yesterday

9 Nissan 5778

25 March 2018


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

There has been continuous fighting along the Gaza border with Palestinian terrorists doing all they can to disrupt IDF preparations for the Friday assault.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli men, women, and children at Neve Tzuf, Sinjil, in the Jordan Valley, at El Aruv, Tekoa, on Road 465, on the Gush Etzion Road, at Auja, Hermala, A-Swawiya, just outside of Hevron, at Otniel, and a myriad of other places.

Talk about pathetic . . .

How revealing is it that the IDF is focusing its efforts on defending Jewish communities in the Gaza “envelope” on Friday, instead of establishing a no man’s land along the Gaza border fence.

The operating strategy seems to be that the IDF is giving up on the idea of stopping terrorists from pouring into Israel and instead is focusing on stopping them from entering communities once they do.

Also pathetic . . .

The PLO informed Israel today that it will stop paying the salaries of Hamas “bureaucrats” in Gaza on April 1.

After a special Cabinet meeting, the Cabinet announced that the “situation is volatile.”

So what is Israel supposed to do now to reduce Palestinian volatility? Pay Israeli taxpayer money to Hamasniks in Gaza?


Even more pathetic . . . 

In absurd testimony today before the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee, the Deputy Commander of the abominable Israel Civil Administration, Major General Uri Mendes, told legislators that the same number of Muslims and Jews now live in the area west of the Jordan River (between Jordan and the Mediterranean).

Mendes declared that 3 million Muslims live in “the West Bank”, and 2 million more in Gaza. When these numbers are added to the Israeli-Arab Muslims living in Israel, the total number comes out to approximately 6.5 million.

Why was this demographic information absurd? Because it turns out that the Israel Civil Administration used the incredibly exaggerated population estimates of the PLO as its source.

For example, in the PLO estimate based on the Palestinian Land Registry, no one ever dies. 

Look very closely at this screen shot of the Palestinian population registry. Note that everyone was born on

Look very closely at this screen shot of a page from the Palestinian population registry. Note that everyone was born on January 1, 1877.

And Palestinians who have long since moved elsewhere are still counted as living in Areas A and B.

No actual census exists of the real number of Palestinians in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Some wonderful news . . .

The new 2018 budget of the U.S. allocates $705 million for Israel missile defense. Specifically, the money will be used for the development the Arrow 3, the Magic Wand, and Iron Dome batteries.

Perhaps, given the information in Today’s Blog, the focus of the money should be on the Arrow 3 and Magic Wand.



The Iron Dome Fiasco Yesterday

What in the world happened yesterday?

At first, warning sirens for incoming missiles from Gaza sounded throughout the Israeli communities bordering Gaza. The Iron Dome system went into effect. 

It was then reported that the Iron Dome had intercepted and shot down two missiles of the salvo that had been fired.

But then, we were told by the IDF that all of the above was a mistake. In fact, there were no missiles from Gaza.

Say what?

The new story was that the Iron Dome battery “detected high-trajectory fire” from Gaza in the direction of the Israeli community of Zikim.

And according to the IDF, the Iron Dome interceptor missiles intercepted machine gun bullets fired into the air.

Machine gun bullets.

A $125,000 missile per bullet.

But of course that is not the worst part. The worst part is that Hamas has now figured out yet another way to overcome the Iron Dome system. In addition to firing multiple salvos to defeat the system as they did back in the 2014 war, all they have to now is merely fire machine guns at a certain trajectory to set off the system.

Obviously, Israel will continue to use the Iron Dome as part of its missile defense. But the truth is that the Iron Dome has been severely compromised, again.    

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