What A Deal! If You Get Killed, $3000; If Severely Wounded, $500!

21 Nissan 5778

6 April 2018


Pictures of the Day:

At 2:30 pm this afternoon, all hell is supposed to break loose on the Gaza border again. Hamas says that its terrorists are going to light 60,000 automobile tires on fire in order to create a smoke screen that will enable terrorists to reach the Border Fence. The Gaza media is full of cartoons encouraging Gazans to “sacrifice” their tires:

This is self-explanatory. Written on the car is "Deal of the Century" in allusion to Trump's plan to broker a peace deal.

This is self-explanatory. The young man appears to be making a noble sacrifice by taking the tires of his car to be burned at the border today. Written on the car is “Deal of the Century” in allusion to Trump’s plan to broker a peace deal (cartoonist al-Lakta).

Your humble servant was wondering where Hamas would find 60,000 tires? It turns out that the above cartoon is not so funny or noble to everyone living in Gaza. This was posted a few hours ago:

The Arabic reads:

The Arabic reads: “The thieves who stole my tires had better return them to me by Friday unburned; if not, I will burn the thieves.”


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

All eyes continue focused on the southern border with Gaza where another heavily armed terrorist was shot to death last night. According to Palestinian sources who “evacuated” the body, the terrorist was armed with an assault rifle, grenades, and a bomb.

Additional firefights took place east of Khuza in Gaza.

In Judea and Samaria, terrorists targeted Israelis in Tekoa, at Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem, on the Husan Bypass road, at Halhul in the Hevron Hills, near Beit El, near El Aruv, at Azzun, and at more than 20 other locations according to reports to hakolhayehudi, rotter, and Rescue Judea and Samaria.

A stabbing was thwarted at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron by alert Border Guards.

Jews on the Temple Mount during Passover . . .

During the 168 hours of Passover, Jews were only allowed on the Mount for 22.5 hours.

22.5 hours. An outrageously limited 22.5 hours.

Nevertheless 2,593 Jews managed to ascend to the Mount, 89% more than Passover last year.

Still, it’s “a little short” of the 1,000,000 Muslims that Israel allows on the Temple Mount during Ramadan each year.

Why isn’t everyone criticizing Switzerland?

Yesterday, a Swiss court ruled that the Swiss government could deport 3200 Eritreans living in the country illegally back to Eritrea. What’s more, it ruled that any other Eritreans remaining in the country would have their “refugee” status taken away.

In doing so, the Court ruled that “The illegal exit from Eritrea can not in itself justify recognition as a refugee.”

Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Where is the UNHCR? Where is the European Union? Where are all of those countries excoriating Israel?



What A Deal!

If You Get Killed, $3000; If Severely Wounded, $500!

Below are two quotations from yesterday. One is by Trump envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt, and the other is from United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Can you guess who said what?

Quotation 1:

“We call on Israel to exercise extreme caution when using force to prevent casualties. . . We seek to avoid any action that could lead to further violence and endanger children, especially children.”

Quotation 2:

“[We call]  on the protest leaders to announce in a loud and clear voice that the demonstrators must march in peace, avoid any kind of violence, walk 500 meters from the buffer zone, and not approach the border fence in any way.

We condemn the leaders and demonstrators who call for violence and those who send demonstrators – including children – to the fence, knowing that they may be hurt or killed. Instead, we call upon all sides to refocus on finding solutions to the humanitarian challenges facing the residents of the Gaza Strip.”

Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Quotation 1 came from Antonio Guterres and Quotation 2 from Jason Greenblatt.

Guterres ludicrously puts all the responsibility on Israel to avoid violence while Greenblatt places it where it belongs–on the Palestinians. Guterres would have us believe that we Israelis are endangering children; Greenblatt condemns those who send children to the fence.

Thank you to Jason Greenblatt and the Trump Administration for telling it like it is.

All of which brings us to the Hamas offer published last night. For any Gazan who goes to the Fence and gets killed today, Hamas will pay the person and his family $3000. For any person who gets “severely” wounded, the payment is $500. The offer was posted on social media sites in an effort to entice young people.

Your humble servant really doesn’t have any comment about this hideous offer except to say that life is certainly cheap in Gaza. The PLO pays the families of dead terrorists lifetime salaries that can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Speaking of social media and Palliwood (remember the photos yesterday), The Palestinian Information Center, a Hamas-affiliated Palestinian news website with about 500,000 followers, published a picture yesterday of a “French doctor” who had rushed to Gaza to treat wounded Palestinians.

The picture had to be rapidly removed.

Why? Because it was a picture of Katherine Heigle, an actress who used to star as a “doctor” on the the American television show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

After removing the picture, the website proclaimed:  “The post has since been deleted. We are committed to truth and to reliable news.”


It’s good to end our blog today with a little bit of humor–even it is extremely black humor.


**Israelstreet will provide updates on what is happening on the Gaza border today as necessary.


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