“Smoke from the barbecue on our side, smoke from the tires on theirs.”

22 Nissan 5778

7 April 2018


The News on the Israel Street

There have been a number of small “leftist”  and Israeli-Arab rallies in Israel in support of the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

yaffoSome of these have occurred in Israeli-Arab towns while this tiny one pictured at left (at maximum, there were about 25 protesters) took place in the middle of Yaffo with PLO flags and anti-IDF placards.

Meanwhile the hideous organization B’Tselem has taken out newspaper advertisements calling on IDF soldiers to not follow orders.

A busload of left-wing activists attempted to make it to the border area yesterday to demonstrate against the IDF and also call on IDF soldiers to refuse orders.  However, the entire border is a closed military zone, and they were turned back before reaching their destination.

News from the neighborhood . . .

While we are battling Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, the Egyptians continue fighting an amalgamation of terrorists all over the country. Yesterday, the Egyptian Police killed terrorists near Ismailia.

Elsewhere, Erdogan’s Turkish Army has not stopped its attempt to wipe out the Kurds in northern Syria. Earlier this week, Erdogan showed up dressed like a conquering general in Afrin–a Kurdish stronghold recently besieged and captured by Turkey. Next on Erdogan’s list is Manjib and the entire area you see on the map below. Following that, Erdogan proclaimed that his campaign of ethnic cleansing will move to Iraq where Turkish forces will attack Ninevah and Sinjar.

The obvious major problem that Turkey faces, however, is that U.S. troops are in their way. To attack Manjib and other cities, and to get from Afrin (off map to left) to Ninevah (off map to right), the Turks would need to confront American forces:

The "U.S." Problem in Syria

The “U.S.” situation in Syria. Orient yourself by looking at the map insert.

From Israel’s perspective, this stretch of land is vitally important because it essentially sits in the middle of the land bridge Iran seeks to form between Tehran and Beirut. 

Thus, when President Trump announced a few days ago that he wants American troops out of Syria as quickly as possible, alarm bells went off in Jerusalem–and phone calls (described as “testy”) took place between Trump and Netanyahu. Yesterday, Trump announced that he is now looking at a six-month timeframe to remove U.S. troops.

Meanwhile, the French have rushed reinforcements into Manjib in the form of troops, helicopters, and planes to help the Americans–leading Erdogan to curse French President Macron as “a filthy fraud.”

What will happen next is anyone’s guess–but you can be sure that Erdogan, Rouhani, and Putin discussed the problem at their recent summit.



“Smoke from the barbecue on our side,

smoke from the tires on theirs.”

The Great Palestinian Tire March has come and gone. 

Members of the various Gaza terror groups came out yesterday in somewhat smaller numbers (about 15,000 as opposed to the 30,000 the previous Friday), laid rows of tires a short distance from the border, and set them on fire.


To the left of the tires is the no man’s land that leads to the Gaza border which is farther to the left out of the picture.

However, the smoke from the tires provided no smoke screen for terrorists to breach the fence. Instead the smoke drifted harmlessly south toward the Egyptian Sinai. The only thing that got temporarily obscured was the terrorists’ view of Israel.

Scenes like this were the order of the day.

Scenes like this were the order of the day from the Gaza side (photo source on photo).

Still, a number of armed terrorists tried to run between smoking tire line, across the no-man’s land, and toward the fence. Eleven of them met their timely end and thereby received a payment of $3000 from Hamas which they will never enjoy. Another 33 were “seriously” wounded which qualified them for the $500 payment promised by Hamas.

This brings the total number of terrorists eliminated in the last week to 32.

What more is there to say? The grandly planned “Hamas Return March” has marched to nowhere. The IDF has shown consummate professionalism in defending our border. Hamas itself has garnered international media attention, but even that seems muted.

Take for example this picture yesterday from CNN; look carefully at how CNN captioned the photo:

"A Palestinian man drags a burning tire during a protest at Gaza's border with Israel on Friday."

CNN caption: “A Palestinian man drags a burning tire during a protest at Gaza’s border with Israel on Friday.”

A Palestinian “man“? When was the last time you ever saw a picture like this referring to a “man”? In the past, it was always “a child“, or “a youth“, or at least “a young man.” Apparently even CNN realizes when it is being manipulated by Hamas.

As for the Israeli communities on the border, life went on as usual yesterday. As you may not realize, all Israelis were outdoors picnicking and barbecuing in celebration of the end of Passover. One southern Israeli who lives about 100 meters from the border lackadaisically summed it up this way in a Facebook post:

“We had smoke from the barbecue on our side, and they had the smoke from the tires on theirs.”

So now that Hamas’ two initial marches have fizzled (remember there were supposed to be one million people involved), the question is what will Hamas do now to redeem itself? A tunnel attack? Missiles? A frontal assault? A naval incursion?

We hope “none of the above”, but we’ll just have to see what the next six weeks will bring.






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