Moufletas Galore! Mimouna Celebrations Erupt Across Israel!

23 Nissan 5778

8 April 2018



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The Disgusting, Yet Revealing, Picture of the Day:

This was one of the flags flying in Gaza yesterday: two Palestinian flags with a Nazi flag in the center. Note the Red Crescent ambulance in the background.

This was one of the flags flying in Gaza yesterday: two Palestinian flags with a Nazi flag in the center. Isn’t it interesting that the Palestinians and their leftist supporters identify themselves with the Nazis?









This flag and others like it were being flown this weekend by the Palestinians in Gaza and their left-wing Israeli supporters; the flags did not go unnoticed by PM Netanyahu at a Mimouna celebration (see below) near my home here in southern Israel last night as he rose to make a toast:

” . . . I salute here the IDF soldiers who are guarding us all the time. They also protect us from those who pretend to speak for human rights while holding a Nazi flag. Here is the truth in its nakedness: they talk about human rights, but in fact they want to trample the state of Israel.”

The News on the Israel Street

Fake news continues pouring out Gaza . . . 

This picture appeared in a Hamas newspaper yesterday under the caption: “Declaring Victory”. It appears to show Hamas terrorists tearing down a small portion of the Gaza fence:

Victory in Gaza? Well . . .

Victory in Gaza? Well . . . (Photo source on picture)










Well . . . not quite. The section of fence being torn down is not from the fence separating Gaza from Israel; it is from the fence separating Gaza from Egypt. In fact, the Rafah Crossing to and from Egypt has been closed for almost a month now; apparently Egypt and Saudi Arabia are pushing a plan to open it indefinitely in return for Hamas stopping its assaults on the Israeli border.

In other fake news:

**Ashraf Kadra, a spokesman for the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, told western news media yesterday that what has been happening on the border is an “Israeli plot to render Gaza infertile.”

Say what?

To hear Kadra tell the story, 55 Palestinians were shot in their testicles on Friday and Saturday rendering them infertile. Sure thing. Your humble servant supposes it is just a matter of time until the other 750,000 Gazan males are similarly shot.

**Then there is the story of Yaser Murtaja, the so-called “Palestinian journalist” who met his timely end on Friday. His funeral was yesterday, and his body was carried through the streets with his “Press” jacket beside him.

His mother Yusra opined (sort of):  “I made him breakfast on Friday; he ate quickly, he was in a hurry to go to work. I thought he would recover from his injury; I didn’t expect his death, but God has chosen him as a martyr, thank God.”

Thank God.

Doesn’t that say it all?

Thank God my son is dead.

Thank God his wife is now a widow and his two children are fatherless.

By all means, thank God!  

It turns out that “poor martyred” Yaser was not actually engaged in press coverage at all; his work was operating a drone that was flying over our soldiers in order to give their positions to Hamas snipers.

But this “small” fact about Yaser doesn’t bother Palestinian supporters. Yesterday the European Union issued a statement that reads in part: “The killing of nine people, among them . . . a journalist, raises questions about the strength of the power that Israel operates.”

What question does killing nine terrorists, including one who was operating a drone, is possibly raised–except by those who want to kill us.

So what’s next?

Yesterday, your humble servant posed the question of what’s next now that Hamas’ “marches” have been such abject failures?

It has just been announced that this coming Friday will be “burning the Israeli flag Friday” on the Gaza border. And perhaps more than that . . . Hamas has apparently already gathered more than 50,000 glass bottles that can be used for Molotovs.

And there remains the possibility of missiles. Last night, 3 Palestinians were killed in northern Gaza when a missile launched toward southern Israel blew up prematurely. 



Moufletas Galore! Mimouna Celebrations Erupt Across Israel!

In case you are unfamiliar with the word “mimouna” dear reader, it refers to the celebration that Jews who immigrated to Israel from North Africa have at the end of the Passover week.

At least it used to be just for Jews from North Africa. Now it is widely celebrated throughout the country. After all, why shouldn’t a celebration wholly dedicated to eating sweet food be celebrated by everyone?

What is more, now that the Sephardic North African population has become such a powerful voting block in Israel (just look at the last election where Netanyahu’s Likud party got overwhelming votes here in the Ashdod area), every politician from Netanyahu to Naftali Bennett to Avi Gabbay to you name it was out being seen at Mimouna celebrations all over the country last night.

As I previously mentioned, Netanyahu was all around Ashdod having his picture snapped at as many celebrations as he could squeeze in. This photo was taken at the Suissa family home in Gan Yavne:


But Netanyahu and the politicians were not the stars of the show.

That honor belonged to the amazing foods that covered every Mimouna table from sweet eggplant, candied carrots, all sorts of confected fruit, a myriad of cupcakes and cakes, and, and, and.

And at the center of them all, the moufleta:

The lowly moufleta is a sweetened, buttered pancake into which is crammed as many sweets as you can cram!

The lowly moufleta is a sweetened, buttered pancake into which is crammed as many sweets as you can cram!

The Mimouna celebration that your humble servant and his wife attended at our friend’s home was particularly spectacular with mountains of food and men and women dressed in traditional clothes.

Our wonderful hostess Yael (far left) and the other women (including your humble servant's wife) sitting around the table.

Our wonderful hostess Yael (far left) and the other women (including your humble servant’s wife) sitting around the table.












Your humble servant particularly enjoyed my host and hostess blessing me by sprinkling milk on my head with a lettuce leaf. Fortunately, there is no picture of that.

Thank you to our hosts for an unforgettable night!!






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