The Attacks in Syria Last Night

24 Nissan 5778

9 April 2018



The News On The Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Intermittent Palestinian terror attacks continue along the Gaza Border. In one incident last night three terrorists were captured after planting IEDs along the border fence. In response, the IAF bombed Hamas positions in Beit Lahiya:

An IAF retaliatory response last night in northern Gaza (picture source: twitter feed from Gaza).

An IAF retaliatory response last night in northern Gaza (picture source: twitter feed from Gaza).

–In the afternoon, there was an attempted stabbing at the Mishor Adumim Junction. A Palestinian terrorist who was chasing an Israeli with a screwdriver was spotted by a passing motorist who stopped his car, and shot and killed the terrorist.

The terrorist lying dead on the road. Fortunately, an armed civilian stopped the terror attack.

The terrorist lying dead on the road. Fortunately, an armed civilian stopped the terror attack.

The Israeli who was struck by the screwdriver was slightly wounded, and three others were treated for trauma by MADA.

Shuafat, Hevron, Carmela, Tekoa, Hizma, Hawara, Road 443, the Gush Etzion Road toward Kiryat Arba, Qadum, Itamar, Karmei Tzur, these were but a few of the many locations where Israelis were attacked with “rocks” and Molotovs yesterday.

In a disturbing but not surprising report on Channel 20 last night, an undercover report revealed that the leftist organization “Anarchists Against the Fence” actually pays Palestinian terrorists to attack IDF soldiers.

Yes, you read that correctly.

One of the leaders of the group was caught on tape saying: “The process is simple: we pay the stone throwers; the soldiers respond; our cameramen take pictures, and that day the pictures are distributed all over the world.” 

Can you believe it?  Of course you can.

Speaking of “can you believe it?”. . .

Two more Israeli leftist organizations, Adalah and the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights in Israel, filed a petition at the Israel High Court of Justice yesterday on behalf of two of the Palestinian terrorists who were wounded on the Gaza border a few days ago.

The petition demands that the terrorists be allowed to be transferred from the Shifra hospital in Gaza to the Ishitari Hospital in Ramallah for treatment.

In your humble servant’s opinion, the two terrorists should be left to rot in Gaza. Anyone who tries to kill our soldiers deserves no favors from an Israeli Court. However, don’t be surprised if the High Court of Justice grants the petition; after all, nothing is more important to the Court than Palestinian “rights”.

As insane as the above petition is, it is perhaps not as insane as the group of leftist Jews who stood on a sidewalk in New York yesterday and read the mourners’ kaddish for the terrorists killed at the Gaza border.

The anti-Israel left in both Israel and the United States has gone completely crazy.

Speaking of the High Court . . .

It was a busy day yesterday. In addition to the filing of the above case:

*a petition was submitted by residents of the neighborhood of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem along with yet another leftist organization, Ir Amin, against the construction of the Embassy without a full environmental impact statement (which Finance Minister Kahlon has waived). Among other things, the residents claim that the planned 4 meter high walls will be unsightly, and that the overall security situation will disturb the quality of their lives.

*the Court turned down a request from the government for one more day to submit a new plan for deporting illegal African infiltrators from the country. Therefore the hearing will take place this week at which time the government is expected to announce that Uganda will be the destination of these infiltrators.



The Attacks in Syria Last Night

Your humble servant is not sure what is going on today, but we have been awake here in Ashdod since about 2:30 am this morning as several waves of heavily loaded Israeli aircraft have taken off and then landed back at their nearby bases.

The best guess is that this is related to Syria where it is reported this morning that 5 American tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from an American naval vessel at the T-4 military airfield near Homs in response to Assad’s use of poison gas against the eastern suburbs of Damascus. According to various reports between 50 and 150 people died in that gas attack.

Syrian television is reporting that Israeli planes were involved in several attacks last night, and though that hasn’t been confirmed, there is no reason to suspect that is not true.

By the way, you will recall that last week the Russians declared that if any cruise missiles were fired from any American warship in the Mediterranean toward Syria, Russia would attack the warship. It is easy to dismiss such talk as bellicose bluster, but it is symptomatic of the kind of loose talk that often leads to war.





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