The Amazing Story of Aharon Karav Continues

28 Nissan 5778

13 April 2018


Picture of the Day:

A photo taken at the March of the Living yesterday--this one obviously from Birkenau. Note the cardboard "This is a Polish Concentration Camp" signs put on the tracks.

A photo taken at the March of the Living yesterday–this one obviously from Birkenau. Note the cardboard “This is a Polish Concentration Camp” signs put on the tracks.

Your humble servant is tired of the revisionism currently being displayed by the Polish government. We all know that more than a million non-Jewish Poles died in World War II; we all know that there were a few Poles who tried to hide Jews or help them escape; and we all know that Birkenau, Auschwitz, and other concentration camps in Poland were set up by the Germans.

But we also know that Poles helped Germans round up Polish Jews;  we know that Polish citizens in Warsaw ate and drank in cafes across from the Warsaw Ghetto watching Jews die of starvation and disease; we know that Poles helped Germans run the concentration camps; we know that Polish farmers around Auschwitz and Birkenau used the ashes of murdered Jews to fertilize their fields; and we all know how after the camps were liberated, and some of the few remaining Jews returned to their homes in Poland, many were murdered by the Poles upon their return. 

Israel President Rivlin summed it up at Birkenau yesterday: “The truth can not be denied.  The Nazi death machine would not have been able to fulfill its nightmare vision  . . . had it not had a land rich with the hatred of Jews in which to operate . . . It is true that the Poles did not order the establishment of the camps, but our people [were murdered there] by Germans, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and also by Poles.”

Ridiculous Quotes Yesterday from the Russian Foreign Ministry:

“The Israeli attack carried out last week destabilized Syria.”

“U.S. and French threats of an attack in Syria are a grave violation . . . Russian forces have not found any evidence of a chemical attack in Dumas.”

The Israeli attack destabilized Syria? More than half a decade of brutal civil war with more than 500,000 killed by a motley assortment of Syrian, Iranian, Hezbollah, and Turkish soldiers–not to mention an endless list of “militias” fighting for Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and a host of others–and the Israeli attack destabilized Syria?

What a pathetic joke.

As is the statement about American and French threats. The Russians may not have found any evidence of a chemical attack, but reports this morning state that Americans have received blood samples from the victims of Douma showing incontrovertible proof that they were killed with neurotoxins.



The News On The Israeli Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

**One Palestinian terrorist was killed on the Gaza border yesterday, and he was not just any terrorist.

You may remember that back on July 27, 2014 during the last Gaza war, five Israeli soldiers were killed by Hamas terrorists who emerged from a tunnel near Nahal Oz. Those five young soldiers were: Sergeant Daniel Kedmi (18), Sergeant Barkai Yishai Shor (21) Sergeant Sagi Erez (19), Sergeant Dor Deri (18) and Sergeant Nadav Raymond (19).

The terrorist who was killed yesterday was one of the Hamas terrorists who carried out that barbarous attack. At last justice has been partially served.

**An Israeli soldier was wounded on the Gaza Border yesterday while operating an engineering vehicle. He was evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and is listed in “good” condition today.

**The IDF is preparing for the next round of attacks on the Border fence scheduled to being today. These attacks will feature attempts to burn the fence with Molotovs–and mass burnings of Israeli flags.

International Israel-haters on display . . .

The ninth International Conference on the Holy City of Jerusalem ended in Ramallah yesterday attended by a who’s who of international anti-Semites. One of the most prominent among them was the mayor of Dublin Ireland, who illegally sneaked into the country by falsifying the spelling of his name on his entry document at Ben Gurion Airport.

The final conference press release proclaimed: “The occupied city of Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine.”

What hokum.

Followup from yesterday’s blog about Nirit Zimora . . .

Outrage over the decision of the Military Court yesterday in the case of Nirit Zimora has erupted throughout Israel as the public has become aware of the decision not to charge the terrorist with attempted murder.

This morning the Judge Advocate General’s office has announced that it considering an appeal of the decision.

Considering an appeal of the decision? The two judges who rendered the decision should be removed from the bench and disbarred forthwith.

An update on the Syrian situation . . .

As the largest armada since the Iraq war continues to coalesce in the eastern Mediterranean, it is being reported that the U.S. and Russia are in intensive talks to forestall an attack.

It appears the talks are not going very well even though the U.S. has promised to provide the Russians with 90 minute advance notice of locations that will be targeted in Syria.

In the meantime, the currencies of some of the affected countries have nosedived.

The Iranian rial has devalued by 35% in the last week alone leading Iranians to stand in long lines outside banks to buy dollars. Unfortunately for them, there are no more dollars left to buy. Yesterday, the Turkish lira dropped to its lowest level against the dollar in history.



The Amazing Story of Aharon Karov Continues

On Jan 12, 2009, during the war with Palestinians in Gaza, paratrooper Aharon Karov led an IDF force into a house in Gaza.

The house was booby-trapped with massive explosives which immediately detonated.

Aharon took the force of the blow and thereby saved some of the soldiers behind him. When he was pulled out of the rubble by IDF medics, they were sure he was dead. Half of his face was blown away and his body was shredded with 500 pieces of shrapnel.

500 pieces. 

Barely alive, he was evacuated to the nearest hospital by helicopter with everyone thinking he was mortally wounded. Emergency room doctors gave him minutes to live.

But he refused to die.

Over the next 12 hours, doctors performed numerous complex surgeries–some of which involved removing parts of his skull.

Amazingly, Karov not only survived, but he left the hospital three weeks later. The doctors saluted him on his way out. In the picture below, he returned the salute:


Only to begin years of recovery and recuperation, and numerous plastic surgeries. 

Karov after some of his incredible plastic surgeries to reconstruct his face.

Karov after some of the incredible plastic surgeries to reconstruct his face.

Four years later in 2013, incredibly, Aharon Karov ran the New York City marathon. 

Yes, you read that correctly.

In the intervening years between then and now, Aharon has gone through more tough times. His marriage to his brave wife eventually dissolved (they had been married 12 hours before he was wounded in Gaza).

All of which brings us to this wonderful picture from yesterday with Maya Granak and Aharon:

The Hebrew reads: "Maya, will you marry me?"

The Hebrew reads: “Maya, will you marry me?”

Maya’s answer wasYes.”

If there was ever a profile in Israeli courage and a hero of the state of Israel, his name is Aharon Karov. We wish him and Maya all the happiness in the world!



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