Jew! Jew! Jew! Jew! Jew! The Appalling Case of Lara Logan: The Raw, Unfiltered, anti-Semitic, Misogynistic Islamic Street

In the midst of the victory celebration in Cairo’s victory celebration the other day, Lara Logan (chief CBS reporter in Egypt, 39 years old, mother of two) was sexually assaulted by a large and vicious group of Muslim men over the course of a half an hour. The barbaric nature of this assault cannot be overstated; a female journalist was horribly attacked and brutalized.  Finally “rescued” by some nearby women and a few Egyptian soldiers, she is now hospitalized for undisclosed injuries.  Her case has raised numerous inocuous questions: should women serve as reporters in the Middle East? should women venture into combat zones (though this was supposedly a ‘victory’ zone)? But everyone, from CBS to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly) who has reported on this, has omitted the lurid details of what happened.

As the celebrators on the street assaulted Logan repeatedly, they and the surrounding crowd chanted “Jew! Jew! Jew! Jew! Jew!  This is the raw, unfiltered, anti-Semitic, misogynistic Islamic street–a street that Western news media refuse to report on. Why? Because of political correctness and fear; heaven forbid that they should ever present the true side of Islam “the religion of peace” or risk being being attacked by rabid Muslims complaining of  ‘religious discrimination’.  By the way, it makes no difference–but Lara Logan is not Jewish.

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