Hamas Arming Itself To The Teeth While Israeli Left Supports Boycotters

Iranian weapons–including anti-ship missiles–heading to Hamas (complete with Farsi how-to-operate manuals) seized on a German boat two days ago, five truckloads of weapons headed to Gaza from the Sudan intercepted in Egypt yesterday (a possibly good sign that the new leaders are continuing Mubarak’s policy), another flight of weapons destined for Gaza through Syria diverted to a Turkish airport last night.  Can there be any doubt that Hamas is preparing for war? This is the same Hamas that Abbas is making overtures to today by saying he will even travel to Gaza to make peace with his Palestinian brothers.

And at the same time that Israel is thwarting attacks from without, a systematic campaign supporting Israelis who encourage boycotts against Israel continues within. Some 53 so called  ’human rights organizations’ expressed their outrage today over a proposed new law punishing with monetary penalties Israeli boycotters of Israel (the law has passed its first reading in the Knesset), demanding that the law not be enacted. Their letter reads in part: “This law clearly intends to limit the activity of certain political positions and groups, only because their protest challenges the political consensus that exists in Israel.”  Not surprisingly, the letter was signed by B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights, and the Coalition of Women for Peace, among others. Does the law limit freedom of speech? Of course, but is freedom of speech absolute?  The law recognizes that the delegitimization of Israel is just as dangerous to the very survival of the country as the armed threat from Iran and Hamas.

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