The Goldstone and Golan Fiascos. Eli Yishai and Shimon Peres

After my recent blogs on the odious Richard Goldstone, the latest turn of events should not surprise you. A couple of days ago, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai called Richard Goldstone to thank him for his article in the Washington Post.  According to Yishai, Goldstone told him that he has recanted and will work for nullification of the Goldstone Report in the United Nations. Yishai then invited Goldstone to visit Israel in July as a “fellow Jew” who can witness the suffering of Israeli citizens first-hand under daily Hamas rocket attacks–an invitation Goldstone quickly accepted. The only problem? Goldstone denies every aspect of the Yishai conversation. He commented this morning to AP that the two had no conversation about the Goldstone Report and added, in his inimitable self-serving way, that his paramount concern is for “truth, justice, and human rights.” He added that no part of the Goldstone Report needs reconsideration and that he has no intention of working for its nullification –which he stands behind 100%. Maybe Eli Yishai–along with other Israeli and world leaders– should learn how to read English.

What is the compulsion of Israeli leaders to try to curry favor by giving Israel away? Shimon Peres, in a lengthy interview on CNN yesterday, said it was time to change the situation on the Golan, gushing that Israel has always desired peace with Syria and that all former prime ministers have been willing to give up the Golan. In case Shimon Peres has forgotten, the Israeli Knesset voted on December 14, 1981 to annex the Golan Heights to Israel. On the eve of the vote, Prime Minister Menachem Begin recalled how Syrians had constantly terrorized Israel citizens by shelling them from the Heights (Sound familiar? Think of  those daily rockets Hamas fires from Gaza). Already this morning are renewed calls throughout the world for Israel to end its ‘occupation’ of the Golan. Thank you, President Peres.

By the way, Peres also commended President Obama, with whom he met at the White House Tuesday evening, for his support of Israel, saying simply that Israelis who dislike Obama “are wrong”. President Peres was quickly rewarded for his fawning. Two hours later Obama and his State Department harshly condemned Israel for approving plans for 942 new residences in the thriving Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.

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