The Rafah Crossing Between Egypt and Gaza Opens. Israel Preparing For Increased Attacks

Tomorrow, the Egyptians are set to open the Rafah crossing. With few restrictions (only Palestinian men between the ages of 18 and 40 and all Palestinians coming from Libya will need visas), the flow of people and ‘goods’ will flow unimpeded into Gaza.  What this really means of course is that terrorists and weapons will no longer have to be smuggled into Gaza via the tunnels. The citizens of Israel have already begun preparing themselves for increased missile, rocket, and terrorist attacks.

And remember the Turkish flotilla scheduled to leave in June to try to break the Gaza sea blockade? It is still coming to bring ‘humanitarian relief’ to the suffering Gazans–suffering Gazans who actually are not suffering according to a spokeswoman of the International Red Cross.

Four weeks ago, Mathilde Redmatn (Deputy ICRC Head in Gaza) had this to say: “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. If you go to the supermarket, there are products. There are restaurants and a nice beach”.

See full article about Redmatn’s comments:

Stupid Quote Of The Day:

“The opening of the Rafiah crossing is good news both for Israel and the Palestinians. It will reduce the pressure and give Gazans breathing space which will minimize the possibility of extremists exploiting the situation for violence.”

Dror Fyler,  former Israeli who heads the Free Gaza movement in Sweden

It was Gazans themselves that increased pressure on themselves and enclosed their own breathing space by choosing Hamas, an organization that violently exploits every situation. As I have noted above, opening the crossing will bring scores of terrorists into Gaza.

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