Thousands, Thousands, Thousands. . .

It has been a day of thousands in the Middle East.

Some two thousand five hundred refugees have fled from Syria to Turkey prompting Turkish Prime Minsiter Recep Tayyip Erdogan to call the Syrian crackdown on protesters “inhumane,” and “barbaric”.

The IDF is reporting that Hezbollah now has over fifty thousand rockets pre-positioned in  southern Lebanon, ready to be fired at Israel.

A United Nations Report indicates that Iran has been caught numerous times in recent years attempting to send weapons to terrorist and subversive groups around the world.  For example, do you remember the Iranian cargo plane headed for Syria that Turkish authorities stopped in March? The UN confirms that dozens of AK-47 assault rifles and close to two thousand mortar shells were being shipped by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

It has been reported for the past week that Bashir Assad offered in advance to pay one thousand dollars to every Syrian protestor who cut the barbed wire fence near Majdal Shams five days ago and ten thousand dollars to every protestor who got shot by the IDF.

The International Air Transport Association reports that in the wake of the Arab Spring there are thousands of empty seats on Middle Eastern airlines causing profits to plummet from 900 million dollars last year to barely 100 million dollars this year.

But finally, in an event that underscores the freedom of minority groups in Israel, tens of thousands of Israelis as well as more than five thousand tourists from outside of Israel are participating in Tel Aviv’s annual Gay Pride Parade that started today.

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