Turning Point 5: What Are You Doing Today?

On a day that has seen three Iranian spies house-arrested on charges of falsifying passports and travel documents for the IHH flotilla organizers, Fatah and Hamas canceling a ‘reconciliation’ meeting to decide the interim Palestinian leader, and Thomas Friedman ludicrously calling for a return to the original November, 1947 United Nations partition plan (UN Resolution 181) as a basis for negotiation, reality intrudes in the lives of Israelis.

Turning Point 5 begins today. This is a national drill to simulate the possible effects on Israel of being hit by thousands of medium and long range missiles. Israeli homeland security minister, Matan Vilna’i noted yesterday that “all of our national infrastructures will participate in the exercise.”

The drill will assume that 800 rockets are being fired on Israel every day from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and Iran. In addition to devising ways to keep critical infrastructure such as water and electricity up and running, the drill will explore ways to evacuate hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens from the northern and middle areas of the country to the south.

Wednesday, at 11am and 5pm, sirens will sound all over the country to prepare citizens for what might take place in the event of an attack.

So think about it. What are you doing today? Relaxing with your family? Puttering around the house? Going to the mountains or beach? Celebrating Father’s Day (in the U.S.)? As you enjoy yourself today, think about what the citizens of Israel are doing today: planning how to protect themselves in the event of a massive missile attack.

Addendum: on a personal note, the first siren on Wednesday will go off just after I arrive back home in Israel for the next six months. My Monday and Tuesday blogs will be necessarily brief as I am in transit, but my Wednesday blog will be a first hand account on the ground in Israel.

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