Undermining Israel By Including Too Many People At The Table: J Call and J Street

Hello dear readers, I am currently sitting in the Zurich airport awaiting my flight to Tel Aviv later this evening. A few hours ago, our plane flew directly over Paris where J Call (a European group modeled on the American J Street) is having its first European conference to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Just as supposedly pro-Israel J Street had BDS proponents speak at its most recent convention in Washington, supposedly pro-Israel J Call has lined up numerous anti-Israel speakers to make presentations.

One such group invited to speak is the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement which attempts to have legal Jewish owners of property in ‘East’ Jerusalem thrown out of their residences. Also the Sheikh Jarrah movment wants to do away with aliya and the law of return to Israel. In February, Sheikh Jarrah spokesman Avner Inbar put it euphemistically like this: “One can infer from our manifesto that changes need to be made to the Law of Return, and that those changes need to be done democratically and in the spirit of democratic values.”

In response, J Call Secretary General David Chemla said that he’s really not that all that interested in the aliya question preferring to shine positive light on the group’s activities in East Jerusalem!  Chemla has this to say: “If [stopping aliya] is what they believe in, then there is a conflict, but what interests me is for them to tell me what is happening on the ground. Of course, I support the rights of Jews to make aliya, but we have to have everyone at the table and look at all the texts.”

We have to have everyone at the table and look at all the texts. The desire of J Street Jews in America and J Call Jews Europe to have everyone at the table—no matter how repugnant their beliefs is one of the reasons their organizations are reviled by so many Jews who love Israel, and one of the main ways that these organizations seek to undermine Israel.

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