How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Relaxing In Greece, Sailing Across the Mediterranean, And Praying for An Israeli Attack

Onboard The ‘Audacity’: Practicing How To Resist All Of Those Nasty Israeli Soldiers That Will Hopefully Attack Our Ship!

What do these organizations have in common?

Al-Awda The Palestinian Right To Return Coalition; Al-Nakba Awareness Project; American Jews For a Just Peace; Arab Jewish Partnership For Peace and Justice in the Middle East; BAKA; Bay Area Women in Black; CODEPINK; Friends of Sabeel; Chicago Gay Liberation Network; International Solidarity Movement; Jewish Voice for Peace; Jews Say No; MECA (Middle East Children’s Alliance); Muslim Students Association West; Pax Christi; Progressive Democrats of America; Shomer Shalom Network; Vermonters for Peace;  Woodstock International.

Each one of these organizations is fervently committed to the delegitimization of Israel. And they are all listed as endorsers of the ‘Audacity of Hope’ vessel hoping to sail to Gaza in the next few hours as part of the greatly diminished current fauxtilla.

The pomposity of the ragtag, motley group of passengers on the Audacity is amusing to read:

According to the ‘US To Gaza’ website,  “The passengers on The Audacity of Hope come from many backgrounds and professions, ranging from 22 to 87 years of age, and from 14 different states who are acting in the spirit of the Southern Freedom Riders and the civil rights movements to oppose the injustice carried out in their names and with their tax dollars.”

Acting in the spirit of Southern Freedom Riders? Give me a break. First they fly to Greece for a vacation, then hop on a yacht to sail across the Mediterranean. Yep, they are just like the Southern Freedom Riders (could I have some more wine and cheese please?).

Like those in the civil rights movements? Lest we forget, those fighting for civil rights fought for decades and were attacked, jailed, and sometimes killed while engaging in sit-ins, protest marches, and other activities. Yep, these folks who will be sailing along in the sunshine are just like those who were in the civil rights movement (could you hand me the suntan lotion?).

And what will participants do if Israelis stop the Audacity in international waters? “The passengers on The Audacity of Hope are pledged to nonviolence – even in the face of Israeli threats to use attack dogs and snipers.  They will be undergoing nonviolence training in Greece before departing. They are unarmed and have no intention of entering Israeli waters at any point.  However, passengers will not cooperate with illegal efforts to board or disable the boat.  If there is violence, it will be initiated and carried out by Israeli commandos who will have boarded a boat full of civilians hailing from a friendly country.  In the event a boarding should occur, the boat will be fitted with communications devices and will be transmitting live over the internet for as long as possible.

Attack dogs and snipers? Do you remember the videos from the Mavi Marmura episode last year? Do you remember what happened as the Israeli soldiers attempted to board the ship? Do you remember the soldiers being viciously attacked? Do you remember the scene in Ashdod where all of the weapons of the ‘peaceful’ humanitarians were displayed?

Transmitting for as long as possible? I think this group has seen the movie Titanic one time too many. Don’t you get the feeling that these audacious ones are just praying for an attack? What could be better than to go down with the ship like Leonardo D’Caprio? (and this time it would be the warm waters of the Mediterranean instead of the cold waters of the north Atlantic!)

Oh well, it’s enough to make me end my blog today the same way that I ended it yesterday:

You talk and you gab and your words are so glib
That it matters not least if it’s truth or a fib.

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