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This morning I’m not going to write a long column about the values that Israel shares with the United States–I’m just going to say ‘Happy 4th of July’! Whatever your nationality, we want to invite you to our 23rd annual All-Ashdod Annual Fourth of July Beach BBQ right here in Israel on the beach in front of our house.

We’ll serve up about 100 hot dogs, 5o kebabs, 5o hamburgers, and lots of potato salad–and wash it all down with lots of Goldstar beer and various wines. We’ll top it off by singing the Star Spangled Banner, toasting marshmallows and throwing sparklers out into the Mediterranean. Why don’t you come and help us celebrate? Just look for the big American flag flowing in the breeze!

Of course our little party is on a different scale than the one at the US Ambassador’s residence where they release 6000 balloons, invite 2200 guests, serve 10000 portions of appetizers, 3000 slices of pizza, 1700 hamburgers, 5000 bottles of soft drinks, 1000 cakes, and buckets of ice cream.  To top it off, they shoot off over 1400 rounds of fireworks.

A few food related odds and ends from around the neighborhood:

While we are feasting on this side of the Mediterranean, the Fauxdacity folks are now fasting on the other side–having embarked on a hunger strike.

Hamas prisoners are continuing their so-called food strike–refusing Prisons Service meals but still eating food they purchase with their own money–because Israel has decided (among other things)  to take away their high speed internet connection.

It was reported today that Israeli farmers are now using satellite technology to determine which micro-climates exist on their land–allowing them to better choose which crops to plant.

Archaeologists announced yesterday that the finest example of an Israelite-era home has been uncovered near Haifa. Among the findings was a kitchen with ceramic ovens and storage pitchers.

From ceramic ovens to barbecue grills–this is Israel! Again, a happy Fourth of July wherever you are!

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