“I Am Here To Kill Jews”



Draw your own conclusions dear reader: a young Palestinian terrorist with his Koran in one hand and a knife in the other. (This is not a picture from yesterday's event).

Draw your own conclusions dear reader: a young Palestinian terrorist with his Koran in one hand and a knife in the other. (This is not a picture of yesterday's teenager).

There was one extremely small story here in Israel yesterday that was certainly not reported in your local media. It is a simple story that speaks volumes, and in its own way, is more important than all the news about Egypt, Turkey, and elsewhere. From Yediot Aharonot:

“A Border Guard officer stationed at the Tunnels checkpoint near Jerusalem arrested a 16 year old Palestinian teen who arrived at the checkpoint, pulled a knife, and began shouting that he was there to kill Jews. The teen was turned in for questioning by the Jerusalem Police Minorities Division.”

This is what decades of Palestinian education and incitement have produced: Palestinian teenagers who believe that Israel and Israelis do not exist and who want to kill Jews. This is the result of glorifying suicide bombers, paying the families of ‘martyrs’, and naming sports clubs, streets, and city squares after terrorist murderers of Israeli men, women, and children.

“He was there to kill Jews.”

But it is not merely decades of Palestinian education and incitement:

It is the Koranic directive told and retold by every imam for centuries to find every Jew no matter where he may hide and kill him.

It is the Islamic narrative recounted by Muslim teachers for centuries that Mohammed slaughtered the evil Jewish tribes of Medina because they would not convert to Islam.

It is the attempted erasure of Jewish history in Jerusalem by building mosques on the Temple Mount and the subsequent claiming of Muslims throughout history that there is no Jewish history.

It is the refusal of Palestinians to accept a Palestinian state in 1948 and the subsequent wars fought by the Palestinians and other Arab countries to wipe Israel off the map.

It is the call of Arafat, Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Abbas and a thousand others that ‘Palestine’ must be rid of all Jews.

It is the Hamas charter that calls for the killing of all Jews.

It is the teenager’s predecessors who are proud to have slit the throat of a three month old child and then stabbed her in the heart–along with the rest of her Fogel family.

Do you want to know, dear reader, why peace between Israelis and Palestinians will remain unattainable for decades to come–and may never be achieved?

“I am here to kill Jews.”



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