The Nazi-Palestinian Parallel of ‘No Jews’ and Land For Peace

Thursday, September 15 2011


Chamberlain shaking hands with Hitler: how quickly the world forgets

Chamberlain shaking hands with Hitler: how quickly the world forgets

The parallel was too obvious to miss.

Not since Nazi Germany has there been a country that has declared that it wants to be judenrein–or “free of Jews.”  No one has to tell you, dear reader, where that attempt led.

So it was remarkable yesterday to hear the Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations, Maen Areikat, despicably say in imitation of Nazi Germany that any new state of Palestine must be free of ‘Jews’–and equally as remarkable that the response to this atrocious statement by United Nations’ members was virtually non-existent.

Ironically, at the same time, came demands from without and within Israel yesterday that Israel make ever more territorial concessions to the Palestinian Authority–again hearkening back to the long discredited concept of land for peace so associated with the expansion of the Nazi regime.

Robert Serry, the UN Envoy to the Middle East, brazenly warned that unless Israel “surrenders more land” to the Palestinians Israel’s “security situation will deteriorate.” Serry explained that “major Israeli concessions are necessary in order to sustain” security cooperation between Israel and the PA.  In other words, according to Serry, there can be no peace without appeasement.

Not surprisingly, because she always likes to tag along with her friends in the European Union and United Nations, Tzipi Livni was also quick to urge concessions in a speech in the Knesset criticizing Netanyahu and Lieberman: “Saying that negotiations and goodwill gestures are a sign of weakness is politicians’ easy way out of making decisions.”

Your humble servant wonders if Livni has ever studied history–because, of course, precisely the opposite is true—especially in the Middle East: politicians like Livni who are eager to give “goodwill gestures” and engage in meaningless negotiations are always perceived as “weak” by their adversaries.

How quickly the world forgets Hitler and Chamberlain.



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