L’Enfant Terrible, Mahmoud Abbas, Works His Magic Again

UPDATE: Heavy rains battered Israel again last night–keeping the terrorist rocket launchers at bay for the 4th consecutive day.


Who cares about Tahrir Square? Or Syria? Mahmoud Abbas has thrown another tantrum--and everyone has come running. (photo: Reuters)

Spoiled infant that he is, Mahmoud Abbas has once again become the center of attention this morning.

It was a little more difficult this time around what with the Syrian Assad continuing to murder demonstrators by the bushel, the Egyptian Tantawi cracking down on the new tent city in Cairo’s Tahrir Square overnight killing an estimated 20 “pro-democracy” advocates, and the Iranian Ahmadinejad steadfastly laughing in the face of the IAEA’s newest report that it is building nuclear weapons.

In spite of these “trivial” events–the Palestinian enfant terrible has worked his magic again.

Abbas’ continuing threats to resign and disband the Palestinian Authority branch of the PLO, and his scheduling of a meeting later this week with Khaled Meshaal to reconcile the PLO with Hamas (as if these two terror organizations have ever had different goals) have the Jordanians and the Americans all in a breathless, frantic tizzy.

The Jordanian Abdullah is actually visiting Ramallah this morning to plead with Abbas not to resign. The U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns had a meeting with Abbas yesterday pleading with him not to reconcile with Hamas unless Hamas recognizes Israel’s right to exist and puts an end to terror (in response to this U.S. plea, Abbas told Burns that Palestinian reconciliation was more important than any Hamas declarations).

And how have the U.S. and Burns reacted to this slap in the face? By Burns showing up on Netanyahu’s doorstep in Jerusalem this morning to demand that Israel unfreeze Palestinian tax revenues that have been impounded by Israel since the UNESCO fiasco.

And there you have it: the Palestinians are not to be held accountable for the embrace of Hamas, not to be held accountable for their rebuff of the U.S. yesterday, not to be held accountable for plunging ahead with UNESCO, not to be held accountable for breaking the (worthless) Oslo Accords by proceeding forward with their demand for U.N. recognition, not to be held accountable for . . . well–simply, never to be held accountable for anything.


On November 21, 2002, at around 7:00 am, a Palestinian suicide murderer boarded the public bus on Mexico Street in Jerusalem. Minutes later as the crowded bus reached the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood,  the terrorist detonated 5 kg of shrapnel slaughtering 11 Israelis and badly wounding 50 more. Palestinian Islamic terrorist Hamas proudly claimed responsibility for the attack. 

The dead:

Hodaya Asraf (13 years old), Marina Bazarski (46), Hadassah Ben-David (32), Sima Novak (56), Kira Pearlman (67), Ilan Pearlman (8), Yafit Ravivo (14), Ella Sharshevsky (44), Michael Sharshevsky (16), Mercea Varga (25), Dikla Zino (22).


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