“I Love Gaza”: Another Example of Israel’s Vibrant Democracy

UPDATE 8:00 pm: More than 5000 people (including many orthodox Israelis) are currently protesting in Beit Shemesh in support of women’s rights and in support of Naama Margolis–the eight year old orthodox religious  girl who was verbally assaulted and spit upon by the Haredi ultraorthodox while walking to her elementary school for supposedly being dressed immodestly. Israel News is reporting that a leading Islamic Jihad terrorist has just been killed in Gaza–all of southern Israel is under lockdown expecting terrorist attacks.


How can anyone possibly say that Israel is not democratic? How can anyone say that Israeli Arabs have no voice?

Consider the events of today on the campus at the University of Haifa where the Arab-Israeli Hadash Student Union–which receives funding from the Israeli government–has posted the following disgusting notices all over the campus:

Sign posted by the Islamic Hadash Student Union at Haifa University

Allow your humble servant to translate:

Solidarity with Gaza

Three years after the fascist attack on Gaza where hundreds of Palestinians were randomly killed, we are standing with the Palestinians as they remain under an inhumane siege.

The Hadash Students at the University of Haifa want to invite you to a big event memorializing the war and massacre in Gaza. 

December 28, 4:00pm

As the notice suggests, today is the third anniversary of Operation Cast Lead (מבצע עופרת יצוקה‎) which began on December 27, 2008 and continued for three weeks. Lest anyone forget, Israel was forced to attack Gaza because of the never ending rain of terrorist missiles–more than 14,000–that had rained down on southern Israel during the years leading up to the Operation.

During Operation Cast Lead, no civilians were targeted and no massacre took place. As Islamic Hamas spokesmen have been at pains to point out during the last three years, almost all of the Palestinians who were killed were “combatants”. The few civilians that were killed died because Hamas used their apartment buildings, schools, and hospitals as launching pads and weapons storage facilities.

Unfortunately, because of political considerations, the IDF did not finish the job in Gaza. Hamas was left decimated but intact–and still firing missiles, one of which attempted to kill Israeli men, women, and children in the Eshkol region of southern Israel last night. 

As revolting as the Hadash student union is in its events memorializing non-existent massacres and a non-existent siege, it has every right to say what it wants because Israel is a vibrant democracy.

Whether Israeli taxpayer money should be used to fund such nauseating anti-Israel propaganda is altogether a different question. Your humble servant believes it absolutely should not.


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