Is Peace With The Palestinians Really Possible?

UPDATE: 5 more Qassam rockets have struck the citizens of southern Israel in the last 24 hours.


The failed legacy of Shimon Peres: an undeserved Nobel Prize for Peace

Your humble servant was struck by the following headline in Yediot Aharonot (newspaper) this morning:

“Peres: It’s still possible to make peace with Palestinians”

It was a headline based on this remark by Shimon Peres at a meeting with the Greek Patriarch yesterday in which Peres called for a new round of negotiations to begin in January:

“I don’t accept all the doubts. It is possible to find solutions and to begin negotiations because the alternative to not finding a solution is war and the loss of life.”

One could attribute such a comment to old age, forgetfulness, or simply a political leader trying to protect his failed legacy,  but the simple fact is that Shimon Peres has always been blind as to what the Palestinians really want. How else can one explain the readiness of Peres and Rabin to enter into an agreement with the terrorist Yasser Arafat and the PLO?  Almost before the ink was dry on the Oslo Accords, Arafat’s legions began suicide bombing their way through Israel.

And what about Israeli offer after Israeli offer after the Oslo Accords that would have given the Palestinians everything they wanted in return for peace?

Well . . . not “everything”. What the Palestinians have made abundantly clear through the years is that they want the elimination of Israel. They want the return of 4.5 million faux ‘refugees’ to Haifa, Tel Aviv, and to every moshav and kibbutz throughout this country. No matter what Peres and Rabin offered, no matter what Barak was willing to give away, no matter how hard Olmert sought to undermine Israel by giving the Palestinians the keys to Jerusalem, the Palestinians always have had just one answer: “NO.”

Peres was right about one thing, however; the alternative to peace is war. But it is not a war to come; it is a war that is already here: 5 more Qassam rockets struck the citizens of southern Israel yesterday. Israelis were stoned throughout Israel yesterday. And all over the world yesterday, Palestinians continued their attempt to delegitimize Israel.

It is too late for Shimon Peres to wake up, but fortunately the Israeli public woke up to this reality years ago.


On December 29, 1963, the WEIZAC (Weizmann Automatic Computer) ceased operation in Israel. The WEIZAC was the first computer in Israel–and one of the largest computers in the world. It was replaced by the GOLEM.







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