100,000 Rockets and Missiles: The IDF Crawls Ever Deeper Into Its Hole

UPDATE: Impending rocket attack alert for the Lachish region. Intense stone-throwing assaults by Palestinians throughout the late afternoon and early evening at an Israeli bus near Hevron on the Gush Etzion road and at Israeli vehicles near Emanuel. 


Palestinian Islamist Hamas rockets: all aimed at southern Israel.

For some time now, your humble servant has been crying in the wilderness about the fact that the IDF looks for any excuse not to act against the terrorists in Gaza–and that as the IDF does nothing, Islamist Hamas is arming itself on a massive scale. At the same time, Hezbollah has massively rearmed itself and is beginning to fire missiles from southern Lebanon. 

Speaking at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs yesterday, IDF Major General Amir Eshel of the General Staff’s Planning Directorate found in a nuclear Iran a future reason for the IDF not to attack Israel’s enemies:

“So this is going to create a dramatic change in Israel’s strategic posture, because if we are forced to do things in Gaza or Lebanon under an Iranian nuclear umbrella , it might be different. When the other side has a nuclear capability and are willing to use it, you think twice. You are more restrained because you don’t want to get into that ball game.”

More restrained because you don’t want to get into that ball game? At the moment, Iran does not have nuclear weapons and the IDF is still not in the ball game. Southern Israel is bombed daily (there is an impending rocket alert at this very minute), and all the IDF can manage to do is “be restrained”.

It has become abundantly clear that under the IDF’s current leadership, the IDF will search far and wide to come up with any conceivable reason not to take decisive action against any of Israel’s immediate enemies–particularly Palestinian Islamist Hamas.

By the way, do you remember dear reader, when it was estimated that Hezbollah had about 15,000 rockets and Hamas another 10,000? According to Eshel, there are now 100,000 rockets and missiles arrayed against Israel that could be fired at any moment by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran.

Missiles in Hezbollah's arsenal--all aimed at Israel.

100,000 rockets and missiles–a number that is increasing by the day. More to consider, more to think about, more to worry about, more to wring our hands about, more to dither about . . .welcome to the new IDF.


On January 17, 1991, Saddam Hussein launched Iraq’s first SCUD into Israel. It is easy to forget, but because of the fear that Hussein would tip his missiles with poison gas, Israelis spent much of the next month wearing gas masks and securing themselves in bomb shelters designed to block poison gas penetration. 

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