Pathetically Protecting the Palestinian Myth: Palestinians Blame Israel For the Fogel Family Murders

UPDATE: Israeli Border Police intercept Palestinian terrorists at Salem checkpoint carrying pipebombs and weapons.


The Fogel family.

Amjad Awad was sentenced today for the barbaric stabbing slaughter of the Fogel family of Itamar: Hadas (3 months), Elad (4), Yoav (11), and their parents Ruthie and Udi. The court, which should have applied the death penalty, sentenced Awad to five life sentences plus 5 years (whatever that means).

As we all know, the sentence is meaningless; Amjad Awad will be released to adoring Palestinian multitudes the next time there is a terrorist prisoner release for a kidnapped Israeli soldier. 

The Palestinians are already blaming Israel for the Fogel family murders.

Note how deftly Hafez Barghouti, the editor-in-chief of the official Palestinian Authority-PLO newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, laid the blame on Israel in his column yesterday: 

“I don’t believe that the incident in Itamar is an act of resistance, but rather an act by individuals whom we condemn, in the event it was carried out by Palestinians. Stabbing children in their sleep is not a heroic act but rather that of the heartless, like some of the occupation soldiers and settlers, who murder children.”

Occupation soldiers and settlers who murder children? When has a Jewish community member or an IDF soldier ever crept into the house of a Palestinian family and butchered the family as it slept?

Barghouti continued: “The real murderers in Itamar are the zealous settlers and anyone who burned a tree, vandalized the cemetery in Awarta, forced out the residents of Khirbet Yanun, took control of a plot of land or robbed an olive harvest.”

So now burning an olive tree is the same as stabbing a three month old girl in the heart? And are we supposed to believe that every time a Palestinian vandalizes the cemetery on the Mount of Olives or burns a farmer’s field in Tuba Zangaria–that knife wielding Israelis have the right to go butcher Palestinian families in their homes?   

In his column yesterday, another regular contributor to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Adli Sadek barely considered the egregious immorality of what Awad did. Sadek has other reasons that Awad must be condemned:

“This is not only because this is a crime that harms us politically and public-relations-wise and helps the extremist government cast aspersions on all of us, but also because the humanitarian character of a nation that receives aid and support from all freedom-lovers of all religions, races and nationalities does not accept such a heinous murder.”  

Roughly translated: such murders are a political and public relations nightmare and allow the Israeli government to condemn the Palestinians. But even worse, such murders jeopardize the money flow coming from Palestinian-lovers around the world.

Absolutely, positively pathetic. The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to shift the blame for their barbarism onto someone else and to safeguard their Palestinian myth in order to continue receiving handouts from the world.  


On January 16, 1997 the IDF dismantled its military headquarters in the Judean and Samarian city of Hebron, marking the beginning of the end of Israel’s 30-year-old governance.  What a mistake that dismantling has proved to be.

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