Nasrallah’s Glass House, Falk’s Third Intifada, Shamala’s Energy Crisis, and Dempsey’s Rational Actor

UPDATE: Four Palestinian terrorist rockets fired out of Islamist Hamas Gaza at southern Israel yesterday. The Israel Air Force, as usual, hits empty “weapons factories.”


Yesterday was another fascinating day in the Middle East with a whole host of characters offering quotes ranging from the absolutely accurate to the absolutely bizarre. Your humble servant has chosen four of his favorites below:

Quote 1: spoken by Samir Geagea, a Lebanese Christian politician

Samir Geagea: telling it like it is.

Geagea had condemned the Syrian massacres being perpetrated by Bashir Assad with Hezbollah’s and Iran’s assistance, whereupon Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared that Geagea was “the last person” to criticize anyone for committing war crimes. Geagea responded, with this barrage aimed at Nasrallah (as reported in the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star):

“It is true that everyone has been accused war crimes. But that does not constitute a drop in the ocean of what Hezbollah has done during times of war and peace, and he who has a glass house is the last person who should throw stones.”

When is the last time you heard anyone in the Arab world offer even one word of criticism of Hezbollah? And Geagea is no babe in the woods, having fought Hezbollah tooth and nail for years.  Remember that phrase the next time you hear anyone praise Hezbollah for any of their so-called ‘humanitarian’ activities: an ocean of war crimes.

Quote 2: spoken by Richard Falk, the U.N. Special “Rapporteur” on “Human Rights” in the “Palestinian territories”

The new Palestinian hero Khader Adnan (picture in foreground). The suspected Islamic Jihad terrorist is trying to starve himself to death.

In an interview with the Egyptian news organization aharamonline published Friday, Falk was discussing the case of Khader Adnan--a suspected Islamic Jihad terrorist who  has gone on a hunger strike while being held in an Israeli prison pending charges. Falk warned:

“If Adnan is to die, a third intifada is to rise… He will be considered a martyr.”

The threat of a third intifada has taken the place of Mahmoud Abbas’ monthly threats to resign. Two weeks ago we were told that if Moshe Feiglin went to the Temple Mount, a third intifada might take place; last week we heard Mahmoud Abbas warn that if ‘Palestine’ doesn’t achieve statehood in another upcoming U.N. bid, a third intifada could erupt.

Your humble servant is getting sick of hearing the threat of a third intifada being tossed around like a beach ball. Next week, the Palestinians will threaten a third intifada if the price of humus goes up.

Quote 3: spoken by Khalil Abu Shamala, director of the Addameer Center for Human Rights in Gaza

Part of Gaza's sole power plant. Not out of fuel after all.

In the last couple of days, Hamas has been whipping Western governments and NGOs into a frenzy over the “dire” shortage of fuel oil in Gaza. What has actually happened is that the Egyptians have stopped the smuggling of fuel from Egypt into Gaza through the tunnels, and Hamas has refused to start paying either Egypt or Israel for oil (they have rejected offers from both). We see images of the ‘poor Palestinians’ in Gaza huddled around candles, and we are being told by Hamas that there is the real possibility of the ‘poor Palestinians’ freezing–especially since the weather has been so cold in the region. Enter Shamala, however, who much to the consternation of Hamas authorities commented that:

“Gaza has enough diesel oil to operate the power station [because] a large amount of oil was transferred into Gaza last week.”

Energy crisis? Freezing Palestinians? Of course the reality is that the fuel fraud is just another fraud in the long list of frauds designed to portray Palestinians as victims.

Quote 4: spoken by General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

The bizarre Gen. Dempsey (uniformed) reviewing the troops in Israel with the do-nothing IDF Chief Benny Gantz

Discussing the Iranian nuclear situation yesterday, Dempsey harshly criticized Israel for thinking about a strike that would “destabilize” the region; then he uttered these remarkable words:

“We are of the opinion that Iran is a rational actor. We also know, or we believe we know, that the Iranian regime has not decided to make a nuclear weapon.”

Yes you read that right. Now the United States and the Obama Administration think that Ahmadinejad and the mullahs are “rational actors”. In what universe? On what planet? Your humble servant suspect it must be the Orwellian planet where rational is irrational, and Ahmadinejad and the mullahs operate the Benjamin Netanyahu charity for Holocaust survivors.

And how about “We also know, or we believe we know, that the Iranian regime has not decided to make a nuclear weapon”?

Astonishing, unbelievable, flabbergasting, dumbfounding and dangerously frightening.

So now we have for the first time what the Obama Administration really thinks about Iran.


On February 19, 1994, Zipora Sasson of Ariel was shot to death on the trans-Samaria highway by Palestinian terrorists. She was five months pregnant. Hamas proudly claimed responsibility for her murder. 


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