Palestinians Throwing “Rocks”: An Ongoing National Scandal

UPDATE: Saturday (12:20 am): Incoming rocket sirens for Ashkelon. Friday (11:35 pm): Grad launched by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza.

UPDATE: Friday (10:30 pm): Scattered skirmishes along Gaza border between terrorists and IDF. (9:46 pm): Palestinian terrorists fire mortars at Nahal Oz. (9:09 pm): Incoming rocket sirens sound throughout southern Israeli communities. (7:45 pm): Impending rocket sirens blare all over southern Israel communities close to Gaza.

UPDATE: Friday (5:25 pm): Hundreds of Islamist Palestinian Arabs rioting on the Temple Mount–throwing “stones” at the Mughrabi Gate which is the entrance for Israelis and tourists. At least one tourist reported injured. Police storm Temple Mount–11 police officers injured. (4:52 pm): Palestinian Hamas Qassam rocket strikes the Israeli communities of the western Negev. (4:25 pm) Security forces arrest four Palestinian rioters in Hevron who were throwing “rocks” and Molotov cocktails. (4:24 pm) Israeli bus near Gush Etzion assaulted by Palestinian “rock” throwers. (2:39 pm) Impending missile warning for communities near Gaza of ‘high trajectory’ missile launch by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.


You will notice in the update today that once again Palestinian terrorists have been busy at work this afternoon throwing “rocks” at tourists, Israelis, IDF soldiers, and security personnel.

Around the world, there is the perception that “rocks” are innocuous “small stones”. However, when “rocks” are reported as being thrown, “rocks” usually mean large stones, bricks, and concrete blocks.

Over the last few years, such rock throwing has become an increasingly common feature of life for Israeli community members and IDF soldiers. According to IDF figures, there were 3636 “rock throwing” attacks in 2010, a number that increased to 4644 in 2011. In fact, 368 Palestinians were arrested in 2011 for throwing “rocks”, and 38 more were arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails.

Two of those arrested and awaiting trial for murder are two terrorists from Halhul who have admitted to throwing a large “rock” from their passing car that crashed through the windshield of Asher Palmer’s car causing him to veer off the road and crash resulting in Palmer’s death and that of his infant son Yonatan (click here to read the israelstreet blog about this murder).

Statistics for the number of incidents this year have yet to be released, but we do know that more than 100 suspects have been arrested in January and February.

This brings me to the following article that was widely reported yesterday; this particular version was reported on YNet News (emphasis mine):

וייס המשיכה בנסיעה, למרות האבנים (צילום: AFP)

(Zehava Weiss being assaulted by Palestinian “boys” throwing bricks and concrete blocks. Photo courtesy of AFP-Agency France Press.)

“A teacher was on her way home to the Judean community of Karmei Tzur on Tuesday when she found herself the target of a rock salvo that smashed her windshield. Zehava Weiss, the driver, came out unscathed from an incident that has become a daily experience for residents in the region. An AFP photographer who was standing nearby captured the instance when a Palestinian boy hurled a boulder at her car.

Weiss told Ynet that she saw the car in front of her getting hit, but did not think the salvo would continue. She had no choice but to continue driving into Beit Ummar, a Palestinian town, even after she became the target. Weiss recalled that ‘I saw crowds on my left and on my right. I knew that something was happening, but I had to continue driving because I didn’t see any cops or soldiers in the area.’

Luckily, Weiss said, her car is armored, but even so ‘the windshield was shattered and the exterior was dented in several places. They were throwing bricks, not stones. It happens every day.’

Weiss continued: ‘The Palestinians love to throw stones near that spot, and at two other sites near the village. I have lived in Karmei Tzur for eight years and I can tell you that they hurl stones almost every day. My heart was beating so fast after the incident, but we have to continue driving through there. What choice do we have?'” (YNET News Online).

To put it simply, rock throwing assaults have become a national scandal. The police are often afraid to act for fear of being accused of using “disproportionate force.” And because the police do not act with force, the situation only worsens.

What is happening on the Temple Mount is a particular disgrace. The Temple Mount should be closed to all Muslim “worshippers” immediately, and not be reopened until steps are taken to ensure that such scenes that have taken place in the last two weeks do not happen again. It is 45 years past time for the fanatical Muslim Islamic Wakf that controls the Mount to be disbanded–and for Israel to take control of Judaism’ s holiest place. 


In a case of tragic irony considering today’s blog, on February 24, 1993, Hava Wechsberg, an 11 year old Israeli resident of Karmei Tzur (the same community as that of Zehava Weiss above) was murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Hava died after being hit by ‘rocks’ that were thrown at the car she was riding in.



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