The Israel Supreme Court: Delegitimizing Zionism One Ruling At A Time

UPDATE: (6:00 pm Thursday). Numerous terrorist incidents in the last 24 hours. Last night, an IDF post near Bethlehem was attacked by Palestinian terrorists throwing Molotov cocktails. At 9:25 this morning, a mortar was fired out of Gaza at Israeli citizens in the Eshkol region of southern Israel. At 1:34 pm this afternoon, a stabbing incident was reported in Maaleh Adumim. At 4:35, an IDF soldier was stabbed in the neck by a terrorist in Hevron. The soldier was airlifted to Beersheva’s Soroka Hospital, and the extent of his injuries is unknown at this time. By the way, the terrorist was shot and wounded by the stabbed soldier–who also shot and killed the terrorist’s confederate. (Please note this information has changed during the evening.)


The Israel Supreme Court: one of the last and most dangerous bastions of the Israeli 'left'.

In one of its most dangerous rulings ever, the Israel Supreme Court yesterday reduced the sentence of a convicted terrorist from 12 to 10 years. While this may seem like an almost trivial decision, the reasoning used in changing the sentence indicates an acceptance by the Court of the reasoning used by Israel’s enemies throughout the world to justify attacks on IDF soldiers.

To these enemies, IDF soldiers are “fair game” deserving to be killed by any means and at any time.  For example just last year, the infamous ‘Never Again’ tour made its way across the United States featuring Hajo Meyer, an 86 year old  Dutchman who was billed as “a Holocaust survivor.” At the tour stops in California (predominantly in mosques) such as one in Sacramento, Meyer told large rapt audiences that the killing of IDF soldiers was completely justified–because they are “Zionists”.

Back to yesterday’s case: in 2008, a terrorist (unnamed in the Court documents) was arrested and charged with ‘active membership in a terror organization’, ‘attempted murder’, and ‘providing services to a terrorist organization’.

More specifically, the indictment noted that the terrorist joined the military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) in 2006 and recruited others to take part in terrorist operations. The terrorist himself planted a 25 kg. explosive IED device beside the Gaza border to kill IDF soldiers (which he later removed on the order of the DFLP for use elsewhere). He also joined Hamas and reported IDF troop movements to Ziad Abu Khalib, a commander of the Izz al-Din al-qassam Hamas military wing responsible for terrorist Hamas rocket launches out of Gaza.

The terrorist proudly admitted to taking part in all of these activities and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

So why did the Israel Supreme Court reduce this terrorist’s sentence? His lawyer, Israeli leftist Lea Tsemel*, argued in her appeal that the Court “should distinguish terror activities directed against the State of Israel from those intended to harm armed soldiers.”  Unbelievably, a majority of ‘leftist’ justices on the Court agreed–and reduced the sentence.

Yes you read that correctly. A majority of justices on the Israel Supreme Court sickeningly accepted the argument that the lives of IDF soldiers are worth less than the lives of Israeli civilians. If an Israeli citizen is wearing the uniform of the IDF and putting his or her life on the line to defend the citizens of this country, his life is devalued.

Remember this ruling dear reader; it is just one more step down the slope of the leftist delegitimization of the Zionist institutions of Israel–in this case the Israel Defense Forces.

*Addendum: Lea Tsemel is by her own description “an Israeli anti-Zionist Jewish human rights lawyer”. She is best known for defending would-be Palestinian suicide bombers who have been captured before carrying out their murderous attacks.


In a secret memorandum dated March 8, 1974, President Nixon noted that an agreement between Syria and Israel was near–an agreement that would return the Golan Heights to Syria. Thankfully, that agreement never happened, and Nixon was forced to resign five months later on August 9, 1974.


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