Political Correctness Run Amok: Funding and Arming Hamas


The American presidential election is over, and President Barack Obama has been re-elected for four more years. Israelstreet offers its congratulations to Mr. Obama and to his supporters. We also congratulate Governor Mitt Romney and his supporters on a hard fought campaign.

Insofar as Israel is concerned, your humble servant sincerely hopes that President Obama will spend his second term enhancing the relationship between Israel and the United States. Undoubtedly, there will a renewed push for accommodation with the Palestinians, and a possible military confrontation with Iran looms. The coming months will set the tone for the next four years–we’ll see together how it goes.

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Wednesday:

IDF patrols like this one along the Gaza fence have become sitting ducks for Hamas terrorists.

The disturbing increase in the incidence of attacks against IDF soldiers on the Gaza border continued yesterday with three more Israeli soldiers wounded when a bomb exploded near their patrol.  Hardly a day goes by now in which an IED isn’t detonated, an attempted infiltration doesn’t take place, and a mortar attack isn’t launched against our soldiers. These ever increasing incidents are in combination with the ongoing missile fire from terrorists in Gaza–which continued unabated yesterday.

Throughout all of the mortar, missile, and IED attacks, your humble servant has been at odds with the IDF and Israeli government in saying that all of these violent attacks are emanating from Hamas. What has been interesting to see in the last month is that Hamas is now brazenly taking credit for each incident that takes place. Hamas obviously feels that it has nothing to fear from Israel. 


There was a little-reported piece of news here in Israel this week about the arrest of Maher Abu Gava, a “metal trader” from Gaza. It seems that since 2009 Gava has been transferring millions of dollars ($3.35 million to be exact) in cash to Hamas members and supplying iron (470 tons) to the military wing of Hamas.

There are probably several obvious questions that you are asking yourself:

1. If Abu Gava is from Gaza, how was he arrested?  Answer: He was in Israel.

2. What in the world was Abu Gava doing in Israel? Answer: The Israeli government and the IDF gave Abu Gava permission to enter and trade in Israel.

3. Why in the world was this permission given? Answer: In a paroxysm of political correctness, the government and IDF allow numerous “Gaza traders” into Israel everyday. More specifically, they have reached out to  “Gaza traders” supposedly involved in “construction” because the international community has condemned Israel for not allowing construction materials into Gaza to relieve the supposed “housing shortage” there.

4. How did this incredible system work? Answer: Abu Gava bought iron from different countries such as Turkey. He then had the iron shipped to the port here in Ashdod. Once in Israel, the iron was off-loaded and stored at the Ashdod port until it was transferred to Gaza via trucks through the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

5. What did Hamas’ military wing do with the iron? Answer: It built thousands of Qassam rockets to pummel southern Israel.

Can you believe this? Israel and IDF have gone out of their way to enlist the help of supposed “businessmen” in Gaza to relieve the supposed “Gazan housing shortage”–without the slightest notion that these businessmen were Hamas terrorists.

Who knows how many other Abu Gavas are running around inside Israel at this moment–probably right here in Ashdod?

All of these Abu Gavas are the result of COGAT (click here for more information)–a part of the IDF that I have long argued should be done away with immediately. COGAT’s penchant for political correctness does nothing but empower Hamas and put all of southern Israel in danger.

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